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*from my StarMetro Sept’10 article

This stall wasn’t easy to find. It is located within a Nyonya house compound in Bukit Rambai. If you’re not local, chances are, you would have trouble finding the place. Don’t worry, I took the liberty of keying in the GPS Coordinates (yes, you’re most welcomed!).

Auntie Koh

Auntie Koh operates her stall from 12-2pm on weekends, so get there early or risk leaving empty-handed. Since she mans the stall alone, be prepared to wait for your cendol. Or you can ‘self-service’ and collect it yourself.
The cendol (RM1.80) was top-notch. I have never eaten cendol this rich before. The green starch noodles were redolent of pandan leaves extract, while the lusciously thick and fragrant Gula Melaka (palm sugar) left a lingering sweetness in my mouth. Best.Cendol.Ever!! Auntie Koh uses fresh coconut milk for her cendol — no wonder it’s so good. Apart from cendol, she also sells tai bak (RM1.20), a Peranakan dessert comprising colourful flour noodles in pandan syrup. Curious, I ordered a bowl to try. The noodles are made from three types of flour – rice, tapioca and wheat. It looks a bit like loh shi fun (rats tail noodle), but is a lot thinner. These flour noodles usually come in red, pink, white and yellow colour, but Auntie Koh only makes them in red and white.

Tastewise, I found this a bit plain next to the cendol. rif liked it, so I concluded that it might be a Peranakan thing, since our other two friends (non Peranakans) also found it average.

Ambiance: 4/10
Price: 5/10
Food: 8.5/10
Verdict: Possibly the richest bowl of cendol I’ve eaten!

Jalan Batang Tiga,
Kampung Bukit Rambai,
75250 Melaka
GPS Coordinates: N02 14.795 E102 11.512

*The stall is located just before S.R.J.K Bukit Rambai

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