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View of London bridge…as the plane was landing!

Hey all, it’s my 4th day here in London, and am loving every bit of it! Unfortunately, my brother isn’t as ecstatic as I am about London. He doesn’t like it here. Never did.

The weather can be a bit bonkers at times, but on average, it’s sunny and chilly. So far, I’ve had the pub burger, pork pie, kebab and crepes. Will blog about them when I get back. I’ve yet to try haggis and black pudding, and I’m planning to eat the awesome roast duck at Four Seasons or Gold Mine and also the burger at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. rif, I’m eating all the duck I can for the both of us! And the insanely alcoholic tiramisu we both love. LOL

I will be blogging every now and then from London. So stay tuned!


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