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Look mum….it’s Patrick Teoh!!

When I received an email from Patrick Teoh, inviting me to his restaurant, Damansara Village @ Imbi, I was excited. I follow his blog, and I love how witty he is. Plus, I’ve heard good things about his other restaurant, Damansara Village at Kayu Ara. I immediately said yes.I should have heeded his advice when he said the dress code was very casual. I wore a dress and heels, because I was supposed to attend a cocktail event after dinner. We were seated at the private dining area upstairs. So imagine climbing two flights of open stairs in 5-inch heels while making sure my short dress doesn’t ride up. rif laughed at me. The first dish of the night was the steamed organic chicken (RM49 for half, RM98 for whole), something my health conscious mum would approve of. The chickens come from their chicken farm, and are fed with natural feed such as corn, oats and vegetables for 100 days. I loved how smooth the chicken was and it was lightly flavoured with salt and its own fat.Steamed bamboo clams were slightly spicy from the chilli padi and if I’m not mistaken, fermented beans. The glistening clams were cooked just right, with a nice chewy texture (if they have a rubbery texture, they have been overcooked). ‘Chu kiok chou’, also known as vinegared pig’s trotters, was meaty and fatty in a good way. At least for me. The meat was falling off the bone, while the soft, gelatinous fat tasted oh-so-good! I liked that it didn’t have the tart sourness some vinegared pork has, and the hard-boiled eggs soaked up the gravy nicely.Pepper pig stomach soup was full of kick. I enjoyed the soup, but I’m not a fan of pig stomach, so I passed the stomach slivers to Ciki. The Village Special Steamed Clams (RM20) were very good. Steamed with plenty of wolfberry, julienned ginger, Chinese rice wine and parsley, the clams were fresh, meaty and sweet. It’s too bad I only got to eat three clams; this dish was polished off in a jiffy.Steamed sang yue (snake head fish) was my least favourite dish that night, because I don’t like fish in general. According to Patrick, this fish is not reared in fish farms. Instead, it is caught in the wild. Flavoured with ginger slices and light soy sauce and garnished with spring onions, the fish was smooth and tender. rif had two helpings, so I suppose he liked it.The salt baked crabs (RM48 per kg) were gloriously red — a sign of freshness. When a crab isn’t fresh, it will turn a dull red once cooked. True enough, the crabs were very fresh and the salt enhanced their natural sweetness. I usually eat crabs in butter sauce, kam heong sauce, sweet & sour sauce and steamed with rice wine, so this was a pleasant change.Village steamed duck (RM60 per kg) was slightly tough, but tasted quite good with the accompanying chilli dip. Interesting dish, but I still prefer my duck roasted. The crème de la crème of dinner, was the famous steamboat. There is a choice of 3 types of soup; clear soup (RM18.80 per pax), herbal soup (add RM 12) and pork knuckle soup (add RM18). We had the herbal soup, which was flavoured with herbs and a cup Chinese wine. Shiokness, I tell you. Patrick placed a plate of white substance slices (next to the mussels in picture) on the table, and asked each of us to guess what it was. I took a slice, and replied, “Pacific clams?” Patrick chuckled. “Abalone?” asked rif. Again, Patrick chuckled. It was soy tofu. It really tasted like clams or abalone. A clever creation. Besides the usual steamboat ingredients, we had crabs, prawns (RM23 for 300gms) and mussels too. All were very fresh, which added a lovely sweetness to the soup.

Boiling pot of goodness

Prawn peeled by rif (lucky me!)

Mama Min (Mrs. Teoh) brought out a mini cooper cake she made for dessert. It was so cute, we were reluctant to cut it. Buttery, fine and not overly sweet, it was the perfect end to a lovely dinner. Thanks Patrick, for the dinner invite. rif and I enjoyed ourselves very much!

Camwhore session (l-r): Ciki, myself, eiling, Suan & Kim

Ambiance: 6.5/10
Food: 6.5/10 (non-halal)
Steamboat: 7.5/10
Verdict: The food tastes good and very homely, plus the seafood is FRESH!

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Damansara Village @ Imbi
32,Jalan Utara
off Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur
(opposite Pasar Rakyat)
03 2141 1678
GPS coordinates: 3°08’41.08″ N 101°43’01.84″ E

1067, Jalan Jenjarum,
Kg. Sg. Kayu Ara,
off Jalan SS23/10,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
03 7803 1832
GPS coordinates: 3° 7’26.64″ N 101°36’46.71″ E

Website: https://damansaravillage.blogspot.com/

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