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January 29, 2010

Double Prosperity Burger @ McDonald’s

I heard the McDonald’s Double Prosperity Burger promo about two weeks ago, on the radio on my way to work. The normal prosperity burger didn’t impress me at all, but I decided to try the double prosperity burger just for the sake of trying.

McDonald’s in Uptown was probably the worst outlet I’ve been to in terms of service and food, but it was the closest to my workplace. Despite the fact that the HQ is right next to this outlet, service was poor, the food had low QC and the staff were terrible disorganised. I placed my order for a double prosperity burger set (beef) and a chocolate sundae. The girl billed me for the above but didn’t give me my sundae. After clarifying things, I got my sundae with my change, a few dollars short. Instead of beef, I got a chicken burger, and they took more than 10 minutes to replace my burger. Mind you, there was hardly any queue that day. The burger was incredibly messy to eat and not in a pleasant way. I couldn’t hold the burger without everything falling apart. The black pepper sauce was aplenty, but that was just it. I didn’t find anything good about the burger. Apart from the fact that there was a lot of meat. So there. The burger was peppery, very meaty, and terribly soggy. I’d stick to Bob’s burger anytime, for only 1/3 of what I had to pay at McDonald’s. RM20 for the above. Shucks…I should have gone for BKT instead.

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  1. Nor Ramli

    aiyeee…why the burger **.omg..
    now i trust u, mcd uptown branch have poor service..bangsar better..
    anyway,,m*d msia is bad la.. service..n food..

  2. Somewhere in Singapore

    I saw about it in Mcd, but have not tried it…

  3. Baby

    yes! is very peppery and not as nice as it first came out

  4. ai wei

    i love only the curly fries >< the burger is toooo peppery for me

  5. J

    I wonder sometimes – I used to love McDs. Is is because I was young and didn't know any better or because they have grown worse over the years? Hmmmm…. 🙂

  6. sibu food diva

    hi Sue, after my rendezvous with double prosperity, i prosper too much! better stick to the single patty prosperity. I do agree, not all McDonald's offer that same great service and superb food. Some outlets are just awful, but they are only a handful of edible McDonald's outlets around!

  7. TL

    For that price, I'd rather go Carls Jr.

    Nowadays, I only go McD's during lunch hour coz of the price.

  8. thenomadGourmand

    McD's? *gags *

  9. CUMI & CIKI

    🙁 .. ahpa's favourite burrgeh!

  10. Bangsar-bAbE

    Cumi & Ciki – Really? I didn't know Ah Pa eats McD!! Liddat la…I take you and Ah Pa to Bob Burger. I'm sure he'll like it better. 😉

    nomad – LOL

    TL – Yeah..carls junior would have been better.

    sibu food diva – Hahaha…I try not to eat McD too often. I put on a lot of weight eating it last time. =P

    J – I think they've grown worse…and also because there's so many good food around these days. =D

    ai wei – Agree!

    Somewhere in Singapore – It's really nothing to shout about.

    Nor Ramli – Yeah…so un-pretty looking!

  11. mimid3vils

    The burger is indeed very messy & peppery but I'm quite like it 😛

  12. Hazza

    You should not need to wash your hands after any McD food. This must have been badly prepared.

  13. Big Boys Oven

    I am dying for a pork burger from McD! had it in Bangkok, awesome! 🙂

  14. Bangsar-bAbE

    BBO – Sadly, we'll never get that here. T___T

    Hazza – Yeah…they went overboard with the sauce.

    mimi – Hehehe…I like Ramly burger better. 😉

  15. Flashok

    hahaha prosperity burger is a big nono! Never got into it from day 1, some really do like it though. Id choose Bob burger anytime, or the oblong (malaysian prosperity burger) lol

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