Home Food Reviews Almond Croissant by Jeen

The thing about Jeen is…she can be very random — in the culinary department. When she was in the eggs phase, I got eggs Benedict for breakfast. And when she was feeling festive during CNY, I got peanut butter cookies and black bottom cupcakes.
Last weekend, she dropped off a large almond croissant and texted me the instructions on how to reheat it. “Heat it up for a minute in the toaster or in the oven. And have it with black coffee. Split it with someone as it can be quite filling.”I did exactly as she told me to do, except the last part. The croissant was fragrant, butter-scented and airy, with a luscious layer of butter and sugar inside. I didn’t want to share. My sister walked in on me enjoying every bite, and asked if she could have some. Clinging on to my precious croissant, I plucked a piece the size of a 20cent coin and gave it to her.

Unlike Jeen who felt really rotund when she ate one, I could have put away two without any problems. Golly…I can’t wait for her next random phase!

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