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I know of girls who use their looks to score freebies and get extra favours from people. Sometimes, I do it too or at least attempt to do so. So far, it hasn’t really worked for me. No one has ever sent a drink over to my table, or given me a free Frappucinno when I bat my eyelashes. This girl I know (no, she’s not my friend) just sticks out her chest, and guys go weak in the knees. *roll eyes* Okay fine, maybe I’m slightly jealous because she does it with ease, and I can’t.

I went to Delicious twice in the same week (different outlet), and experienced a completely different level of service each time. Which is why I have to somewhat agree that often, better looking people get better service. If you look like you are a big tipper, you will probably get good service too.

Back to desserts. Out of curiosity, I tried the peach frangipane (RM12.90) , which offered plump peach slices, almonds and custard nestled in a moist, cookie-like crusta lovely balance of texture and richness. I loved the aroma and caramelised top on this dessert, and the vanilla ice cream was a perfect accompaniment.The chocolate Pavlova (RM12.90) comprised a baked meringue nest studded with strawberries, filled with whipped cream and topped with shaved chocolate. Nothing spectacular, but decent enough to warrant another order in future.On days when I need TLC (tender loving care), the chocolate cake with ice cream (RM11.90) does the trick. Granted it is neither earth-shattering nor heavenly, this is still something I look forward to having with coffee every now and then. I’ve eaten this in both the Mid Valley and Bangsar outlet, and I prefer the former. The desserts may be the same in all outlets, but the service makes a big difference.

At the Bangsar outlet, the service was efficient, but cold. In Mid Valley, service was a lot better and friendlier, probably because my dining companion was good-looking and a very sweet talker. With him, service was always satisfactory, with warm smiles, attentive service and waitresses giggling like young schoolgirls. Sheesh…

At Delicious Bangsar, my lychee martini was pathetic (RM 14.90) – don’t bother ordering it. I’m not sure if it has always tasted like this, or I was just unlucky. It tasted like lychee juice – hardly any alcohol in it. When I asked if they could put in more vodka in my “lychee juice”, the waiter told me I had to pay another RM15 for it. 0_o If that’s the case, I think I’ll stick to Telawi Street Bistro thank you very much.

Ambiance: 7/10
Price: 5.5/10
Pavlova: 6/10
Chocolate Cake: 6.5/10
Frangipane: 7/10
Martini: 2/10
Verdict: Desserts are pretty good, but skip the martini.

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