Home Food Reviews A Cheap Knock-off @ Cava

Everytime I go for drinks, I order the cosmopolitan by default. And I blame it on the four ladies from Sex and The City. There’s something I find so appealing about swilling that pink concoction of vodka, triple sec and cranberry juice. I order it so often, my friends would go, “God, not again” whenever I utter the word C-O-S-M-O-P-O-L-I-T-A-N to the waiter.

So far, I like the cosmopolitan at SOULed Out, Telawi Street Bistro and The Socials. I’ve also had my fair share of not-so-good cosmos, but the one I had at Cava, Jalan Bangkung was abysmally weak. I thought I was drinking cranberry and lemon juice. And I wasn’t having a good day – so the sad cosmopolitan made it worst. The bartender offered to add more triple sec, and while my drink tasted better, it no longer tasted like a cosmo.

The last time I was here, I had a very good molten chocolate cake (Chocolate Dream) – it was an ethereal chocolate experience for me. I ordered this with great anticipation, hoping to relive my chocolate dream. Unfortunately for me, the experience was a one-off thing; simply put, the cake was a disaster. The last time I checked, this innocent looking cake had a rich and meltingly warm bittersweet chocolate centre. Every bite was delicate, sophisticated and divine.
This time around, the Chocolate Dream was terribly prepared; it was missing all the important elements in a good cake. I used my fork and peered into the centre, hoping to find a lovely, warm molten centre. I found nothing of it at all; all I got was a dry and tasteless chocolate centre that was neither rich, bittersweet or airy. I came here for an out-of-the-world experience, but ended up with a poor knock-off.

rif sensed my disappointment, and offered to buy me a different dessert. I was so disappointed with my two orders, I decided to pass up on the offer. I don’t think my mood had anything to do with my judgement in food – it never has and it never will. Even rif said it was inedible. Maybe I should have stuck to Alexis or Delicious for desserts.

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