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The Bulldog Pub and Cafe, Sri Hartamas

In the UK, the £4.95 pub lunch was one of the few good deals I could afford and enjoy. Yesterday, D.F suggested we do lunch at The Bulldog Pub & Cafe in Sri Hartamas claiming they do an excellent Toad in the Hole. Shum and I went to see what was so great about this highly mentioned place. Bulldog serves typical British pub grub so expect stuff like Pies, Fish & Chips, English Breakfast, Toad in the Hole and Bangers & Mash. The Toad in the Hole is a traditional English dish comprising British bangers (pork sausage) in Yorkshire pudding batter served with customary green peas, vegetables, mash potatoes and onion gravy.It is a fusion of light, crispy batter and meaty pork sausage, moistened with brown onion gravy. The sausages were crisp on the outside and the accompanying gravy added flavour to the puff pudding. Really tasty stuff! The mash potato was quite ordinary – Shum and I found it bland.Our Ploughman’s Lunch came with four slices of cheddar cheese, Branston Pickle, scotch eggs, sweet gherkins, and crusty French rolls. Branston Pickle has a chutney-like consistency and contains small chunks of vegetables in a brown sticky sauce. It is sweet and spicy, and goes very well with cheddar cheese and sandwiches. I found the scotch eggs disappointing. The meat mixture was bland and missing the porky flavour I’m accustomed to. On top of that, the breadcrumbs coating was soggy. It should be nicely browned and toasty tasting. I didn’t like it one bit. Shum and I thought the BLT was nothing great; we’ve had better. BLT is a popular sandwich consisting of several strips of bacon, lettuce (often iceberg or romaine) and tomato slices sandwiched between 2 slices of bread.Bulldog’s BLT came with a generous portion of freshly fried chips. The golden brown chips were crispy, thick and well-salted. Very moreish, and I enjoyed them more than the BLT.On top of our rather massive lunch, D.F ordered a plate of Bulldog Bacon Nachos. Just the name makes my heart skip a beat.

BACON + CHEESE + NACHOS = Artery clogging!!

When it arrived, I thought, “This is really, really huge!!” Presentation was impressive and I had to quickly take a photo – D.F couldn’t wait to dig in.The sour cream gave the nachos a hint of tang, and the stringy cheese accentuated the well-salted chips. My only gripe was the lack of toppings. It looked copious, but it actually wasn’t much when we mixed it with the nachos.

All in, Bulldog offers decent food with generous portions in an unpretentious dining setting. 3 adults, 4 rather large dishes. We are gluts. Thanks for lunch D.F!

Ambiance: 7/10
Price: 5/10

Food: (Non halal)
Toad in the hole – 8/10, BLT – 5/10, Ploughman’s Lunch – 6/10, Bulldog Bacon Nachos – 7.5/10

Verdict: Hearty pub grub but slightly expensive. Not something I’d eat on a regular basis.

31 & 31-1,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 7,

Taman Sri Hartamas,

50480 Kuala Lumpur

03 6201 4484
Opens 11am – late


20 Responses

  1. 550ml jar of faith

    I’ve often driven by and just FEEL that it’s pork haven here! The nachos look awesome, how deliciously anti-Health are the meals here, hehe!

  2. Sean

    what i recall about this place is that there’s a dartboard upstairs but no darts for customers to use!
    i lurve the names of english pub grub … toad in the hole, pigs in a blanket, spotted dick. 😀

  3. Julian Si

    Toad/Hole here ROCKS … I so agree 😉

    ps. We had v different lunches, I ate at TELUK PANGLIMA GARANG (Where! you must be asking..) hahaa … just posted this deeeelish place I found!

  4. Bangsar-bAbE

    Julian – Yup yup!

    Ooooohhh, will go check! =)

    Sean – o_0 Then for what keep a dart board?

    Yes, so kewt the names hor? But for the longest time I refused to eat spotted dick…hahaha!

    550ml – Better not go here if you’re watching you weight! Sure sabo your diet! =D

  5. J2Kfm

    the Nachos’ crazy. the portion can kill a cow. or something … 🙂

    British pub fare … interesting, as i’ve not dined in such place b4.

  6. mimid3vils

    All those foods are so new to me!!!

  7. Bangsar-bAbE

    mimi – There’s always a first time for everyone! 😉

    J2Kfm – No la…it’s enough to feed 2 ppl.

    Yup, this is my first pub grub in KL!

  8. thenomadGourmand

    My first experience w pub grub was in Sid’s at TTDI..very near-by! Go try it out..i think the scotch eggs there is better than the ones u had here, judgin jz by the pics. I myself nvr been to Bulldog so cant giv u a comparison..

  9. genuiness

    that toad in a hole looks like it got nuked..

  10. backStreetGluttons

    A friend here a few doors away ( Holisty Beauty, the other side )has introduced us to Backyard, same row , a pub nearby, but not this Bulldog , with a name so fierce she was horrified to step in but certainly the great looking but strange English food you are shiowing us is something else and doesn’t look so terror ! Maybe now we have to tell her its time 4 the long lost scrumptious Dog, Dear?
    hahaha !

  11. Bangsar-bAbE

    BSG – Go try! They also serve quite a few good beers… 😉

    genuiness – Didn’t taste nuked to me. It took about 40 minutes to arrive, so I like to think it was prepared properly! ;P

    thenomadGourmand – I saw your Sid’s post. And yeah, the scotch eggs you had looked better than mine!!

  12. Leonard Loh

    I’d always had the impression that the Brits can’t cook for s**t,.. okay that’s just kidding.

    Probably Bulldog could give me an English feel 😀 never been to UK 🙁

  13. Sapuche

    I’ve never really feasted on English fare before, which I regret, but not a lot. 🙂 The “toad in the hole” looks pretty good, but the others don’t really do much for me. Looks like nice ambience there, in any case. And great photos, as always!

  14. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    i just hated the long wait..no 1 eating but waited close to an hr for the food to arrive!

  15. Agnes Cheong

    nice blog! Linked u to my blog. If you r free do visit to my blog ar..:P

  16. Bangsar-bAbE

    Agnes – Thanks for dropping by! Will do so! =)

    Joe – Yeah, the wait is just ridiculous! o_0

    Lucky my boss called up and told them to prepare the food half an hour before we arrived. So we only had to wait for 15-20mins.

    Sapuche – I find English food bland in general. Luckily, there’s coleman mustard, vinegar and brown gravy. =D

    Leo – You’re not entirely wrong…

    I had a flatmate who ate baked beans and spaghetti straight from the can! Her excuse was she can’t cook, and it’s ready-cooked anyway!! ^_^

    You won’t get the same pub feel, but it’s the best there is in KL…

  17. taufulou

    wah~ the portion all so big..and you guys manage to eat all?

    nachos…miss it alot!! i think if i were to had that 1 plate, i alread puncture liau..but sure the food is quite unique~

  18. Bangsar-bAbE

    Well, portion was big. But it’s mostly bread, so it doesn’t make up to much.

    Unless we attempt the Big Breakfast…then sure very full!

  19. DF

    My fav item at Bulldogs is the fish nuggets (can’t remember the exact name). Its coated in this super delicious batter that’s mixed with leftover beer (and maybe Guiness?)

    Quite difficult to find this style of batter anywhere else in Malaysia.

  20. Bangsar-bAbE

    Fish nuggets eh? I love it when they are coated in beer batter…makes deep fried stuff tastier… =P

    Thanks for the tip!

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