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* very very backdated post…like a year ago!!

Prague…oh how do I begin to describe it? Magical city…lots of cathedrals, long cobbled bridges, churches and gold-tipped towers. All so beautiful and even more magical as a reflection in the surface of Vltava River.It was rif who insisted on going to Prague when we went around Europe. He didn’t care for Paris or Rome the way I did. Of all the countries in Europe, Prague is NOT COVERED by the Eurailpass. We have to go to great lengths to get to Prague. From Vienna, we arrived at Praha Holešovice at 4.25pm. Got a great deal for an apartment in the center of the Old Town (Staré město), Prague’s historic center. One of the few things to see here are the Astronomical Clock (Orloj), the pure GothicTýn Church, the mural-covered Storch building and the Jan Hus monument. Everything was beautiful, even the apartment. All the hassle to get to Prague was well worth it. Since we’ve only had sandwiches in the morning, the first thing I wanted to do was to eat and I wanted Czech food. We went to a small restaurant a few blocks from where we stayed. I had the beef goulash with red wine reduction while rif ordered pork chop with dumplings.I thought my beef goulash looked sad. FIVE pieces of beef. WTF??? And I paid 13 euros for it. Taste-wise, it was alright – the beef was tender and the reduction gravy was lovely with the dumplings. Darn the small portion! rif’s pork chop was less pathetic, but I didn’t think it tasted fantastic. To me, only the sauerkraut was nice and tangy. I still prefer the food in Budapest, where the goulashes are heartier and meat are aplenty. Oh…the service was terrible! Don’t know whether it’s because we looked like we were poor, or they were just being asses. They were so snobby and unhelpful – we couldn’t read the menu (in Czech & broken English). We did a bit of walking around before it got dark and all the shops closed. By 7pm, most of the stalls were closed, and only restaurants and pubs remained open. As we were pretty tired from the traveling, we popped by Tesco and got some stuff and stayed in. Beer here is so freaking cheap. We only paid about RM0.80 for a bottle of Staropramen! Went back to our apartment and had some salami sandwiches and of course, beer! As it was approaching October, it started getting really cold at night. o_0 Lucky I was all snuggled up with a hot mug of coffee. We slept pretty early that night as the constant traveling wore us down.

*more on Prague coming up (as long as I stop procrastinating!)

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