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rif took me to Lemon Garden for dinner after getting his pay cheque. The spread in Lemon Garden is known for their quality and variety. Well, for that price tag…I’d expect so.


Chocolate Fountain


Seafood on ice

Clockwise l-r: Raw salmon, assorted dim sums and braised sea cucumber with mushrooms

Clockwise l-r: Sweet and sour prawns, prawn dim sum and steamed cod fish

The salmon was very fresh and melts in your mouth. The chef kept cutting new slices to ensure constant freshness. Dim sum was mediocre. I’d give them points for quality. Tastewise, Kam Lun Tai wins hands down. The cod fish was delicious. Steamed with a simple soy sauce base, it’s so smooth it glides down your throat.

Oyster in cold tomato soup

Clockwise l-r: Scallop, raw salmon, abalone slice, rare beef and oysters

Cocktail prawns (tasteless 0_0)

I didn’t enjoy the oysters. I know some people would strangle me now but I just don’t. I could barely manage the two i took. Had to put a lot of tabasco sauce. rif doesn’t like oysters either. We have a lot of food preference in common. :p The scallop was well prepared. Fresh, sweet and succulent; you’ll be longing for more.

Clockwise l-r: Slipper lobsters, mutton curry, stuffed crabs and steamed cod fish

Clockwise l-r: Baked cod fish, chicken lasagna, seafood in cream sauce, assorted dim sum and cheese-baked scallop

The slipper lobster was not bad. Not sure how it’s prepared but I think it was done chinese-style. Right rif? We also enjoyed the mutton curry. Tender meat chunks in thick curry sauce; we had it with some lasagna. Strange combo but hey…it rocks our boat. :) The stuffed crabs paled in comparison to the ones from Lotus, Jalan Gasing. This one barely had any crab meat and way too much vegetables.

From top: Slipper lobsters and soft shell crabs

The soft shell crabs disappeared like hot cakes. Fresh from the fryer, it was utterly delicious. rif and I had loads of that. I felt like having curry mee so rif made me a bowl of curry kuay teow. Nothing great. I thought it was too diluted and lacked the “ommph” factor. I’d go for the hawker version anytime.

Clockwise from front: Cream puffs, green tea cheesecake, strawberry tart and green tea cheesecake

Clockwise from front: Chocolate coated marshmallows, strawberries and kuih bahulu, mini chocolate brownies, chocolate cake, assorted chocolates and opera cake

Vanilla, chocolate and chocolate mint ice cream

The ice cream, made in-house was creamy and smooth. We both agreed that vanilla was the best flavour of all. The cream puffs were average. The puff pastry was a tad too dry as I reckon it has been out there for quite some time. I liked the assorted chocolates and mini brownie. The chocolates were rich with a slightly bitter aftertaste in the darker varieties. As for the brownie…moist and chocalate-y. Go figure.

More desserts

The creme brulee was…..ermm…badly torched resulting in a broken glass-like surface. Bah… 0_0 The other desserts were nice. As you can all see, I enjoyed myself immensely. :D

Epitome of greed and oblivious to her surroundings

Dinner didn’t burn THAT big a hole in rif’s wallet. After service charge and tax plus a 50% discount with my dad’s Shang card, rif was made poorer by RM 147.20. :P The buffet dinner cost RM 128++ per pax. I think it’s cheaper if you go on weekdays but you won’t get as much seafood.

Ambiance: 8/10
Price: 5/10
Food: 8.5/10
Verdict: Great variety of quality food but not so friendly pricing. If you love seafood, this is the place to be. I might pop-by once I get my pay cheque… :p

Lemon Garden
Shangri-la Hotel Kuala Lumpur
11, Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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