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October 8, 2014

Of commitment and unconditional love

I was going through a pile of things in my room at my parent’s yesterday, when I saw our wedding cake topper safely tucked and sealed. Today marks the 3rd year of us signing the papers as husband and wife (*blogpost here) and a day we’ve been looking forward to despite a tough year. One […]

Four Sayings Of Love

Today marks the second year of us being legally married. It’s been a challenging two years as husband and wife – we’ve gone through a fair bit of ups and downs, and more downs this year. I guess I now know the “four sayings of love” better than I used to. Suan, Ku, La, Tian […]

December 6, 2011

Wei Jien + Sue Lynn // This Way Darling (2011)

This video is a great narration of our love story…by Nigel Sia & team. It was showcased to our guests during the wedding dinner. I think Nigel and his team did a great job — all the planning, doing up the storyboard and the long 12-hour day of video shoot really paid off! Once again, […]

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