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Portuguese Egg Tart from Lord Stow’s & Koi Kee, Macau

I went on an egg tart frenzy when we were in Macau last month. My parents were on a biscuit hunt at Koi Kee, but I was instead drawn to the glass display of piping hot egg tarts at the shop’s front. Plus, you wouldn’t want to step into Koi Kee for biscuits on a […]

October 14, 2013

Hong Kong & Macau

The last time my parents took me to Hong Kong, I was 2 and didn’t remember a thing. According to mum, she had to carry me everywhere because back then, they didn’t make foldable strollers and mine didn’t fit in the cabin. Don’t know how she managed to carry a chubby toddler around the city […]

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