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Moonlight Resonance Restaurant, Bukit Tinggi

by Bangsar Babe

It’s been a few years since I made a pitstop at Bukit Tinggi for lunch – we did that in March this year, on our way to Kuantan for a bit of R&R with the kids. Sadly, the place I usually patronise in Bukit Tinggi (Hong Hing) has ceased business, replaced by Moonlight Resonance Restaurant.


Similar interior to Hong Hing, which formerly occupied this shoplot


Signature dishes displayed on the wall at Moonlight Resonance

The interior looks a lot like Hong Hing, and even the menu mirrors what Hong Hing used to serve. But Moonlight Resonance offers a more extensive selection. We decided to give it a try anyway, and it turned out to be a pleasant experience.


Claypot glass noodles with sang har

Claypot glass noodles with river prawns is for me, a must-order in Bentong. For some reason, the prawns are sweeter and the kick from the Bentong ginger makes the dish more appetizing. Moonlight Resonance’s version is sweet and aromatic from the rice wine, with a good kick from the bird’s eye chilli and ginger.


This is more delicious than what I used to have at Hong Hing!

We paid RM66 for a small portion (one prawn, split into two). I feel this version is tastier than Hong Hing’s as the soup is sweeter and richer in taste, presumably from the prawn roe. Definitely something I look forward to having if I’m in Bukit Tinggi.


Bentong tofu puffs


Generous meat filling

Bentong tofu puff is something I enjoy having since I was a child. We ordered a small bowl comprising five pieces of meat stuffed tofu (RM15) for the kids. Pretty standard fare in Bukit Tinggi, but done well. I enjoyed this because the meat filling is generous – porky, savoury and refreshing from the chopped spring onions.


Yam basket with kung po chicken

I wanted to order the crispy pork belly but decided on the yam basket with kung po chicken (RM35) for the sake of our domestic helper who doesn’t eat pork. The yam basket was crispy yet light and fluffy inside. Jien liked the kung po chicken but I prefer sweet and sour pork when it comes to yam baskets so this was just alright in my opinion.


Curry mixed vegetables


Adequately thick with a nice balance of spice

Moonlight Resonance does pretty decent curry vegetables (RM18 – small). The curry had just the right balance of spicy and savoury notes, and I like that they didn’t make it diluted; that’s usually the case when a Chinese restaurant serves you curry. This went well with white rice.


Salted egg yolk French beans


Generous coating of salted egg yolk batter

For vegetables, I decided to go with the salted egg French beans (RM15) which turned out to be a delicious choice. I liked how Moonlight Resonance didn’t stinge on the salted egg – the French beans were generously and evenly coated with salted egg yolk batter. Crispy and downright addictive.


Moonlight Resonance also serves fried noodles / rice dishes for those who want a simpler meal


Lunch for 3 adults and 2 toddlers

Our bill came up to RM157 for all the above inclusive of rice and drinks. Not too shabby considering the number of dishes and also, portion-wise. I guess it’s a good thing Moonlight Resonance took over Hong Hing, because I still have a go-to place to stop when I’m in Bukit Tinggi!

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Ambiance: 6/10
Price: 6.5/10
Food: 7/10 (non-halal)
Verdict: Overall, hearty dishes done well. Order the claypot glass noodles with sang har and Bentong stuffed tofu.


Worth a pitstop

家好月圆美食馆 Moonlight Resonance Restaurant
No.15, Jalan Pesona 1,
Taman Pesona Height Bukit Tinggi,
28750 Bentong, Pahang.
Tel: 010-321 3692
Business hours: 10.30am till 11pm
(Closed Tuesday)

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