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Siew Kee Pork Noodle, Kepong

by Bangsar Babe

Like most Malaysians, I tend to have my preference when it comes to food. Especially dishes like curry laksa, nasi lemak, bak kut teh and pork noodles. Siew Kee Pork Noodle in Bandar Menjalara came highly recommended by my friend, who claims this is the “holy grail” of pork noodles.


Jien and I were intrigued. Because we love and know our pork noodles – and are always open to new suggestions in hopes of discovering a better one than our ultimate favourite. We made our way to Bandar Menjalara over the weekend, in search of this pork noodle spot with “Chinese signboard”.


It wasn’t until a bit of Google research that I learnt of the restaurant’s name; 兆基猪肉粉 Siew Kee Pork Noodle. We placed our order for one regular pork noodle soup (RM7.50) and one large bowl with extra ingredients (RM12), for comparison.


Pork noodles, extra meat


Regular pork noodles

When it comes to pork noodles, broth is key. Which is why I had high hopes for Siew Kee Pork Noodles – the broth looked thick and murky. Almost milky at first glance. There was also a heady aroma from the bowl of noodles with extra pork.


Topped with fried garlic and pork lard


Savoury, porky flavour

I tried the regular pork noodles first and thought the broth had a stronger garlic undertone. It was only towards the end of each sip that the porky essence surfaced. Not a bad thing; just a matter of preference. The broth had a balance of sweetness from the meats and savoury notes from the garlic and stock.


Tender pork slices

This I feel, is similar to the Sabah style pork noodles (sang nyuk mee) where the broth is clouded with murky pork bits. Siew Kee’s pork noodles with extra meat is naturally thicker and porkier so if you want your noodles decadent, ask for extra “liu”.


The extra meat version has a thicker, murkier broth

The extra meat broth is sweeter from the surplus of pork slices, giving you a richer and creamier mouthfeel. I reckon adding liver and intestines would add more flavour to the broth, so if you’re a fan of innards, load them in.


Extra meat (bottom) vs regular pork noodles

Overall, I wouldn’t say Siew Kee Pork Noodle is better than our favourite pork noodle spot. It’s different so comparing these two wouldn’t be fair. Siew Kee’s broth is more savoury porky versus the SS15 Subang, Sunway Mentari and SS3 version which is sweet-porky.

Go try and you decide for yourself.

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Ambiance: 5.5/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 6.5/10 (non-halal)
Verdict: Pretty decent pork noodles, but I feel it’s more similar to the Sabah style pork noodles rather than KL style.


Siew Kee Pork Noodles
16-34, Jalan Medan Putra 3,
Medan Putra Bussiness Centre,
52200 Kuala Lumpur.

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