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Pizza Mansion, PJ

by Bangsar Babe

There’s a cosy vibe at Pizza Mansion in Section 17 Petaling Jaya. Perhaps it was late on a Sunday night when Jien and I visited, and I was nursing a cold. The queue had just subsided so we got a table almost immediately.

Open kitchen concept at Pizza Mansion

Jien and I have heard good things about this place – no-frills but just hearty pizzas made on the spot. Pizza Mansion has an open kitchen which allows you to watch as your pizzas are made. I find it somewhat therapeutic watching as the dough moves back and forth in the maker’s hands. And after a few rounds, the circumference is complete and toppings are added on.

Wood-fire oven
“Baby” garlic bread

We started with the “Baby” Garlic Bread (RM5), described on the menu as “bread oozing with confit garlic and olive oil”. A good appetiser while waiting for your pizza to be ready. I enjoyed the olive oil provided on the side as I feel it enhances the flavour of the pizza crust.


Coffee is reasonable here. You’ll only need to fork out RM6 for a cup of decent Americano. Or opt for their choices of soda, which Jien did. The pizza base holds its shape – enough to support the pizza toppings which I wished were more imaginative.

Big Brunch

The Big Brunch (RM32) comes topped with beef bacon, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, cream, baby spinach, fresh Mozzarella (Fior Di Latte) and a runny egg. This is rich with tart accents from the cherry tomatoes. I’m not a fan of beef bacon because it tends to be dry, but Pizza Mansion managed to make it work.

Holy Pepperoni

We both found the Holy Pepperoni (RM30) too similar tasting to the Big Brunch. The only notable difference is the tomato base. You get a topping of cured spicy beef, fresh onions, oregano, aged Parmesan and mozzarella. Overall, the combination isn’t bad, just a bit on the safer side I feel.


Pizzas can take a while to arrive especially during peak hours. We waited 30 minutes for our first pizza to arrive so I reckon the wait is longer when it’s a full house. Service is friendly which is a plus point for me.

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Ambiance: 6/10

Price: 6.5/10

Food: 6/10 (pork-free)

Verdict: Decent pizzas but flavours could be more exciting.


Pizza Mansion

BG3, Block B, Happy Mansion,

Jalan 17/13, Section 17,

46400 Petaling Jaya.

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