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Moody Cow Cafe, Penang

by Bangsar Babe

A Penang friend of mine insisted I check out Moody Cow Café along Transfer Road when I visited Penang in late December, claiming the café serves possibly the best cake on the island. Coming from someone who rarely eats cake, I was intrigued by why this place made him fork a cake when he’s perpetually on a low sugar diet.



I’ve also been warned about the price – it can go up to RM44 per slice depending on the flavour you opt for. With that in mind, Jien and I paid them a visit with my in-laws and their friends who reside in Penang. I think Uncle Tai almost had a heart attack when he saw the price tag of each slice and even compared it to our lunch of oyster noodles, which amounted to less than the two slices of cake we ordered.



As per my friend’s recommendation, we asked for a slice of cempedak madness (RM42) and bitter rummy (RM43). Each slice was dense and large enough to feed 3-4 pax so do go easy on ordering. Our party of six struggled to finish the two slices so I had to takeaway the remaining cake.


Cempedak Madness

The cempedak cake comes with a good amount of fruit and cream cheese, with two layers of chocolate cake for a contrast in flavour. This was not overly sweet but very rich because of the cheese and cempedak – ideal for group sharing. I’m not a fan of cempedak but this cake is worth checking out.


Bitter Rummy

My favourite however is the bitter rummy – Moody Cow’s rendition of rum & raisin in cheesecake format. You get that bittersweet flavour from the rum raisin, which contrasts the dense texture of the chocolate cream cheese. There is also a lot of cream cheese in the works, but because of the alcohol, that richness is somewhat cut slightly so I could eat more of this cake.


Latte and flat white — both mediocre at best. Don’t bother ordering these.

Trust me and don’t bother ordering coffee here are they do a mediocre version of a latte and flat white. You’re better off drinking filtered water. I was expecting a very dim and dark environment but we were ushered past that and upstairs, where the room is brighter and “cleaner” in décor.


You’re required to pay upon receiving your food so do keep that in mind should you want to pay Moody Cow a visit. Are the cakes good? Quite. Do I find it expensive? Well, slightly. But portion is good for three to four pax so if you factor that in, I guess it’s alright. ;)

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Ambiance: 6/10
Price: 5.5/10
Food: 6.5/10 (pork-free)
Verdict: The bitter rummy is quite good. Remember to share and skip the coffee.


Moody Cow Café
170, Jalan Transfer,
George Town,
10050 Penang.
Tel: 04-226 2646
Business hours: 11am till midnight
Facebook Page

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