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Kung Fu Smooth Pan Mee, Taman Sri Sentosa

by Bangsar Babe

These days, writing consistently is a challenge for me as I juggle between my new role as a mother, the creative head of my marketing agency and the author of this blog. There’s plenty I want to write about but finding a couple of hours to spare isn’t easy. But here I am today – with about an hour to myself, writing about our recent food hunt; Kung Fu Smooth Pan Mee in Taman Sri Sentosa.

Jien took me here on weekend, telling me (based on his sources) it might possibly be the best pan mee we would ever eat. And I do love a good bowl of handmade noodles – even more so if it’s the traditional sort with anchovies stock and sayur manis. Taman Sri Sentosa is just off Old Klang Road where plenty of old school shoplots and apartment blocks still exist.


Look for this signboard and you’re at the right place

We tried locating stall no.28 but with Chinese wordings as the display banner, we almost went to the wrong shop. I spotted a few people tucking into what looked like 2-3 feet long noodles from afar and figured that was the shop we were looking for. I was right.



Aunty is shy, but check out the length of the noodles!

Ordering is straight-forward – you’re given the one page menu comprising the types of pan mee available, on top of the side dishes they offer such as sui kow and wantan. We tried the sui kow (RM6.50 per bowl) and a large order of pan mee soup and dry pan mee (RM8 each). Portion isn’t very big so if you like pan mee in general, I suggest you order a large bowl.


Soup pan mee


The noodles are at least two feet in length

The term “kung fu” probably came from the technique of the cook, yielding silky smooth hand-pulled noodles that is springy in bite yet glides down the throat easily. I like how it’s moderately thick yet not doughy at all and the anchovies broth is sweet from the sayur manis.


Sui Kow — decent enough


Dry pan mee

For added kick, eat the pan mee with the chilli sauce provided but go easy on the amount as it packs a wallop! I prefer mine with just a dab of chilli to keep to the original flavour as much as possible. The dry pan mee is also pretty good – the same silken consistency with plenty of bite. This comes tossed with what seems like a combination of pork lard, onion oil and dark sauce, topped with savoury pork mince, anchovies and sayur manis.


This is tasty too


Smooth texture with a good bite

I like them both but if I had to choose, I’d go for the soup version as the soup gives the noodles more umami. Besides, nothing beats a piping hot bowl of freshly made pan mee with soup. Unless of course, the weather is sweltering hot (doesn’t bother me one bit). Then by all means, opt for the dry version.


The pan mee is so good I polished off another bowl on my own. No regrets as I walked away very satisfied albeit a teany bit overstuffed. Is this the best pan mee I’ve eaten thus far? Quite possibly. ;)

I know I wouldn’t bother driving all the way to Klang for pan mee now that I have a good option just 15 minutes away from home.

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Ambiance: 5/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 8/10 (non-halal)
Verdict: Silky smooth and toothsome handmade noodles. The best pan mee I’ve had in a long time.



Kung Fu Smooth Pan Mee
No.28 Jalan Sri Sentosa 9A
Taman Sri Sentosa
Off Jalan Klang Lama
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 016-288 3911
Business hours: 8am to 3pm
(Closed Mondays)

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