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Golden Thai Seafood, Jalan Ipoh

by Bangsar Babe

With the emergence of food portals offering reviews from as low as RM100 to RM2,500 per feature, I find it more and more difficult to believe in food recommendations on social media. Unless it came from a trustworthy source or from my own experience. Golden Thai Seafood in Jalan Ipoh was recommended to me by my friend Ken, who did several rounds of taste test before telling me about the food.


Full house


According to him, the pork skewers were really good and trumps the ones he usually eats in PJ. Jien and I joined him for dinner one night and the skewers although delicious, wasn’t as good as my current favourite Thai place in Taman Desa. Golden Thai’s version (RM13 for 4 sticks) leans slightly on the sweet side, though the meat was beautifully tender with crisp edges from the grilling process.


Pork skewer


RM13 for 4 sticks


Mango Kerabu

Things are kept as authentic as possible, I reckon, for the Kerabu Mango (RM10) was a chilli death sentence for me. The mango slices were crisp but there’s a whole lot of bird’s eye chilli inside the mix that will cause sweat beads to form all over the forehead and the tongue to go numb. I suggest you tell them to cut back on the chilli.


Fried Paku Pakis

The fried Paku Pakis (RM13) was refreshing – crunchy, robustly flavoured with shallots and chilli. This went really well with white rice as the tangy accents from the vegetables cut through the richness of the meats we tucked into that night.



Tom Yam Kung

Golden Thai Seafood’s tom yum kung (RM38) features a moderate-sized pot of broth with several river prawns filled with roe. The broth was thick and sweet from the richness of the roe and tomato slices. This was quite good, but I feel the chef was a bit heavy-handed on the salt.



Kapow Pork



Red curry pork

Kapow Pork (RM15) combines basil leaves, lime leaves and minced pork, with plenty of bird’s eye chilli for extra kick. Quite good, but just like the tom yum, this was a tad salty. I liked the red curry pork (RM15) better as you get tender slices of pork in thick, creamy gravy that packs a wallop of flavour.


Siam style steamed fish


We also shared a tilapia fish (RM55), cooked “Siam Steam” style where the fish comes swimming in a tangy, light broth that is laced with tomatoes, lemongrass and plenty of preserved vegetables. The gravy was flavour-packed and appetising – I drank it all.


Mango Sticky Rice



The tako (RM8) was not fresh and a few in the box had gone bad. I suggest you skip this. Instead, try the Mango Sticky Rice (RM10) which they cook upon order. You get freshly steamed glutinous rice with sweet Thai mango and a light dressing to bind the flavours together.

Service needs work as the staff were all over the place the night I went. It could be because of the heavy rain (which impacted the alfresco diners), but I also read from their FB page that service isn’t their strong suit.



Our bill came up to RM224.90 for all the above, inclusive of two betagen (RM12 each) and a beer (RM18). Not too shabby considering the amount we ordered, but I feel the food in general was on the salty side. They get quite crowded during dinner time, so it’s best to call ahead to reserve a table or go early to avoid waiting too long.

Ambiance: 5.5/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 6.5/10 (non halal)
Verdict: Try the tom yam gung and pork skewers.

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Golden Thai Seafood
No. 485, Batu 3 Jalan Ipoh,
51200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-4048 1392
Facebook Page

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