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Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant

by Bangsar Babe

Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant is one of the places in our list of places to check out — something rif planned for us when we decided to visit the island. The restaurant isn’t too far away from our hotel and since we rented a car, getting around the island was easy.




View from the restaurant

It is best to get to the restaurant around 6.30pm so you get to see the sky change its colour when the sun sets. Ordering is pretty easy; you basically look through the menu provided and tell the staff what fish or seafood you would like to have. We went a tad overboard with the ordering — salted egg yolk squid, salt pepper mantis prawns, sizzling tofu, black pepper venison and oyster omelette.



Beer is cheaper here (obviously)

Pricing isn’t exactly cheap at Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant. You’re looking at RM30 at least for a small plate of seafood, but they aren’t stingy with the portions. Food isn’t much to shout about so if you’re planning to dine here, do keep that in mind and you will enjoy the experience.


Black pepper venison


Salted egg yolk squid


Skip the black pepper venison here as that was really quite disappointing. I guess it’s best to stick to seafood at Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant since that’s apparently their forte. The salted egg yolk squid was nicely battered and fried till crispy. I didn’t like the oyster omelette as it has very little oysters and even so, they were tasteless and overdone.


Oyster omelette (with puny oysters)


Salt & pepper mantis prawn

The sizzling tofu is tasty enough to eat with white rice and if you’re going for mantis prawns, I would suggest getting one with some gravy as the salt and pepper version was a tad dry. Beer is relatively cheap here — a bottle of Sapporo is RM8 and customers here buy by buckets.



Come for the ambiance

The view was beautiful and we were lucky weather was good so we got to enjoy our time dining al-fresco. Don’t go there expecting top notch food as you’ll be disappointed. But if you’re there for the view, then Langkawi Fish Farm has plenty to offer.

It’s great for large groups as well, since portions are large and you get to share the cost. ;)

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Ambiance: 7/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 5.5/10 (pork free)
Verdict: Come for the view (sunset is beautiful), not for the food.


Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant
Lot 1986, Jalan Penarak,
Mukim Kuah, Langkawi
07000 Kedah, Malaysia.
Tel: 04-966 6000
Business hours: 1pm till 11pm daily

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