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BLOOM Mooncakes at The Westin Kuala Lumpur

by Bangsar Babe

Mid-Autumn Festival is an occasion where families and loved ones get together to celebrate love, health, longevity and great fortune. It is also an occasion to indulge in beautifully crafted mooncakes and admire the packaging design of various hotels and restaurants.



BLOOM Mooncakes at The Westin Kuala Lumpur

BLOOM Mooncakes at The Westin Kuala Lumpur caught my fancy this year – the box oozes a zen, minimalist feel with dual storage and a “potting” container, which comes with a DIY terrarium kit with instructions. In-line with the hotel’s wellness concept, you’re able to build your own indoor plant that livens up the ambiance and improving the air quality (somewhat). :)

There are 8 types of baked mooncakes to choose from:

  1. Five Sen5es Assorted Nuts Mixture
  2. Pandan Lotus Paste
  3. Lotus Paste with Single Yolk
  4. Pure Red Bean Paste “Tau Sah”
  5. Low Sugar Plain White Lotus Paste
  6. Low Sugar Plate White Lotus with Single Yolk
  7. Green Tea
  8. Pearl of Prosperity

Five Sen5es Assorted Nuts Mixture


Pearl of Prosperity

Of all the flavours I sampled, I enjoyed the Pandan Lotus Paste, Pearl of Prosperity, Red Bean Paste “Tau Sah” and Green Tea. The paste is smooth and fragrant, and I like how it’s relatively fresh so there’s no “old” oil taste. I even bought a box for my aunt, who’s extremely fussy and particular about mooncakes, and she commented the same. ;)


Pure Red Bean Paste “Tau Sah”


Lotus Paste with Single Yolk

With so many Oriental-inspired designs available in the market, I was particularly drawn to this box. And the box design was part of the reason why I accepted the invite to sample their mooncakes. The dual storage compartments would be great to store my make-up, and they have another version in orange, which is super stylish!


Terrarium class


DIY set (comes with the mooncake gift box)


Making my own terrarium


Tadah! Time to wait for the seeds to BLOOM

The BLOOM mooncake gift boxes are priced at RM75nett per box of 2, and RM110nett per box of 4. I find it quite reasonable and you get to pick any of the 8 flavours you like. These are available for purchase till 15 September 2016 at Five Sen5es, The Westin Kuala Lumpur or at Pavilion Shopping Mall (Level 2, Centre Court).



Handiwork by yours truly :)

To order your mooncakes, email [email protected] or call them at 03-2773 8338.

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