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Lucy Stall Pan Mee, Kuchai Lama

by Bangsar Babe

Hidden gems are what rif and I would hunt for during the weekends, and we struck gold with the pan mee at Lucy Stall in Jalan Selesa, Taman Gembira. Lucy Stall is actually located in a house, at the corner of Jalan Selesa 1 so all you need to do is waze for that street and you’ll find it.

Friendly Uncles at Lucy Stall

Friendly Uncles at Lucy Stall

Fried Pan Mee, Lucy Stall

Cooked to order

The place is no-frills – literally a house where the compound is converted into a restaurant and it is run by two really friendly uncles. Cantonese is used here and I’m glad my poor command of the dialect got me by.

Fried Pan Mee, Lucy Stall

Fried Pan Mee

Fried Pan Mee, Lucy Stall

The pan mee comes topped with crispy ikan bilis

Fried pan mee is highly recommended and when I placed an order, one of the uncles asked if I wanted two large plates. I told him one was enough as I thought they fry the pan mee in large batches. I was wrong; a large plate of fried pan mee (RM6.50) isn’t enough for two to share.

Fried Pan Mee, Lucy Stall

Springy texture, with a hint of wok hei

Tastewise, it was delicious. The pan mee is made fresh and cooked to order, using fish cake slices, pork slivers and vegetables as the ingredients. I liked that there was a hint of wok hei in the noodles, and there was a good amount of gravy to coat each strand of noodle evenly.

Fried Pan Mee, Lucy Stall

Second round!

The sambal chili packed a wallop and gave the dish a spicy and slightly tangy accent. It was addictive. To a point I ordered another plate, large. Uncle was surprised but he accommodated, not knowing I had “lunch” not too long ago.

Lucy Stall Menu

But it was too good to stop at just one plate! The menu is all in Chinese and unfortunately, I didn’t know enough Cantonese to ask for other recommendations. Sent a photo of the menu to a friend who reverted later on that they also serve pork noodles, fishball soup, fried vermicelli and soup pan mee.

Lucy Stall, ambiance

Simple set-up

The lady at the next table ordered the soup pan mee but given how humid the weather is, eating that would give me a heat stroke. Mind you, we were literally eating at their garden under a zinc roof. Perhaps I would on a rainy day. ;)

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Ambiance: 5/10
Price: 7.5/10
Food: 7/10 (non halal)
Verdict: This fried pan mee is way better than the one we had in OUG!

Lucy Stall, Kuchai Lama

Lucy Stall
341, Jalan Selesa Satu,
Taman Gembira,
off Jalan Kuchai Lama
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-223 9319
Business hours: 8am till 3pm (closed on Wednesdays)

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