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Pandora Neo Classic 800 and my messy workspace

by Bangsar Babe

My current work station is possibly the messiest I’ve seen it to be, which isn’t much of a surprise since my desk is always messy regardless of where I work. There’s always loose pieces of paper (mostly receipts) lying around, my laptop and coffee cup, because I’m a sucker for that RM2 tumbler discount.


Pandora Neo Classic 800

Anyway, the glass bowl with green bits is the terrarium I assembled during the Shiseido Professional workshop the day before. And next to it is the Pandora Neo Classic 800 from Sonic Gear. I’ve been on a lookout for a speaker that is small since I don’t have much workspace to begin with, and this is of just the right size. 


Pandora Neo Classic 800 comes with a remote control, micro USB charging cable and 3.5mm Aux audio cable. It is multifunctional (FM radio, wireless remote, clock, alarm functions) and comes in two colours – maple and cherry oak; I picked maple. There is a micro SD card slot, USB flash drive, 3.5mm audio jack and Bluetooth, so go for whichever option that tickles your fancy.


I picked this speaker because I like the look and feel it has. It is small but has a pretty solid bass and long battery life. Though I did notice the battery runs out faster when you play it at high volume. It takes quite long to charge – approximately 5 hours – so ideally, you should charge it while you’re sleeping.


It’s been pleasant to use so far and because of its portability, I get to take it along with me when I go to work or when I’m entertaining guests at home.

If you’re keen on getting a Pandora Neo Classic 800, here’s the website. :)

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