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Brunch at VCR Coffee, Kuala Lumpur

by Bangsar Babe

Brunch is not only about the food; it is an occasion to catch up with friends or family. Over the years, it has become a lifestyle and for many restaurant/café owners, brunch is a revenue stream that they believe could potentially turn “brunchers” into regular customers.

These days, I find brunch seasoned with the self-satisfaction of knowing the latest, hippest places and the pleasure of ordering Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon or (even better) Jamon Iberico. It feels to me that something so basic has become the height of urban sophistication, an adolescent’s idea of how adults spend their time.


VCR — still the best place to get a good cuppa


Brunch is now served at VCR

Which is why I was never remotely interested in exploring the latest brunch scenes in town – if I happened to be there for an occasion, good for me. Otherwise, I stick to the conventional way of eating brunch; in our humble abode.

I’ve always liked the coffee at VCR and while they started serving food a few months back, the idea of brunch never tempted me. It was (and always will be) to me, a place for good coffee. But rif and I found ourselves among the hordes of VCR brunchers when our initial breakfast spot was closed due to kitchen issues.


Big Breakfast

The Big Breakfast (RM32) of two slightly under-poached eggs on toast, sausages, beef bacon, grilled mushrooms, tomatoes and baked beans was a letdown. While I applaud the presentation, this standard breakfast fare did not live up to the hype it received on Instagram.


Turkish Egg Style Breakfast

I also didn’t care much for the Turkish Egg Style Breakfast (RM26), of which the chickpeas were under seasoned and overwhelmed by the dollop of sour cream. The eggs could a bit more pepper and salt, to offset the bland base they sat on. Between this and the big breakfast, I would still pick the latter.


My flat white and his Americano was still good

That said, both our flat white and Americano were still good – one of the best in town, in my opinion. While I wasn’t impressed with what I ate, the coffee will keep me coming back as these folks take their coffee seriously.

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VCR Coffee
2, Jalan Galloway,
Pudu 50150,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 016 668 0135
Facebook Page
Opens daily from 8.30am till 11pm

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