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From left: Tumeric Gold, Goodness Greens, Almond Mylk, Beet Aid, Mint Lemonade, Tropical Greens

Juice detox isn”t new to me — I”ve been doing it regularly for the past 10 years or so. Ever since my mum started her juice habit. Growing up with her juices has helped with my complexion and weight control. We drink juice three times a day. Sometimes more.


2 Days Juice Cleanse

La Juiceria offers something similar to mum”s juices; maybe better and definitely tastier. No offense to my mum — I love her to bits but her juices are sometimes difficult to swallow. I”ve gotten used to them but I don”t particularly enjoy what she makes.

Try drinking a bittergourd, ginger, kailan, carrot and apple juice, and tell me with full conviction how delicious it tastes. Sans sugar or honey. But it works wonders for the digestive system and my complexion is good. At least I”ve been told about that.


Tropical Greens, made with kale, spinach, pineapple, apple, ginger and lemon

The La Juiceria 2 Days Cleanse comprises 6 bottles of specially concocted juices a day, each very tasty and combining all the nutrients your body needs. Despite drinking a lot of juices, I”ve never done a full 2-day cleanse before. Mostly a day max.

This was a bit of a challenge because by noon of day two, the KFC song started playing in my head. Didn”t help that my colleague had fried chicken for lunch. In the office god dammit.


Juice Cleanse Day Two

I started my routine with a cup do fruit enzyme, before drinking the first casino online juice at 8.30am. By 10.30am, I”m on my second juice. Followed by the third juice at 12.30pm, fourth at 3pm, fifth at 5.30pm and the final juice at 8pm. In between, I drank plenty of water, and replaced coffee with green tea.


One of my favourites. Tumeric Gold has remarkable healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

By the end of the fast, I felt lighter and lost close to 1.5kg of junk in my body. With the juice cleanse, you will find yourself emptying your bowels regularly especially if you drink plenty of fluids. My mother traded one of her juices for one bottle of mine. She liked it too and now wants to buy the Hurom Slow Juicer. Either way, that juicer ain”t gonna churn out the same juice flavour. Not with her concoction that is. Hahaha! :P

The 2 days Cleanse cost RM198 for 12 bottles of juices. For more information about La Juiceria Cleanse, visit www.lajuiceria.com.my.

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