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Crab and cod crostini

This Christmas, the folks at Chicago Rib House came up with a festive 4-course menu for just RM79.90 which comprises an appetizer, salad, main course and dessert. Kick off with a refreshing Peach Bellini (included in the menu) and tuck into a delicious crab and cod crostini — seafood with creamy avocado and Parmesan cheese on crusty baguette.


Peach Bellini


Pomegranate salad

The pomegranate salad was a pretty assemblage of salad leaves, yellow zucchini, pecan nuts, feta cheese and fresh pomegranate bits. A light and simple dish, and one that went well with mint-flavoured lemonade.


Christmas Berry Delight


Roasted Pork Belly Roulade

You get three choices of main course here; Roasted Whole Turkey Leg, Dry Rubbed Coffee Ribs or Roasted Pork Belly Roulade. I had the pleasure of trying all three and decided I liked the pork belly roulade best. It was beautifully crispy on the outside and the sage infused apples, olives and chestnuts added flavour and moisture to the centre. This came with a tangy apple compote and red wine reduction that helped offset the rich flavour of the pork.


Mint-flavoured lemonade


Dry Rubbed Coffee Ribs

Chicago Rib House is known for its ribs so it makes perfect sense to serve one for Christmas. The baby back ribs were marinated with a variety of spices (pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder and cajun) and glazed with coffee sauce before hitting the grill. I liked that the meat was tender with a good range of flavours in one bite — savoury, sweet, spicy and a pleasant bitterness from the coffee.


Roasted Whole Turkey Leg

The turkey leg was slow cooked and roasted with thyme, and served with some cranberry jelly and brown sauce. I noticed they did away with the stuffing and truth be told, I generally enjoy turkey stuffing more than the turkey itself. #justsaying This turkey was fairly moist and tender, so if you like sticking to Christmas tradition, give this a try.


Pumpkin tart

Pumpkin tart was served shortly after our mains were cleared, marking a sweet end to dinner. This festive menu is available at all Chicago Rib House outlets from 20 December to 1st January.

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1 Utama outlet

Ambiance: 6.5/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 6/10 (non halal)
Verdict: This Christmas set is good value for money. Between the three main courses, I’d still pick the pork belly and ribs over the turkey. 

Chicago Rib House
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