Home Battle of the Cha: Gong Cha vs. ChaTime

I don’t recall ever ordering tea on any airline; it has always been coffee (or a Bloody Mary). See, I’ve never been a tea person unless the tea I’m drinking is Teh Tarik, Teh Ais or Bubble Tea. The last time I had bubble tea was 4-5 years ago at a pasar malam. Back then, I was fascinated by the variety of flavours and black sago pearls the tea came with.

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When ChaTime and Gong Cha opened in Mid Valley, I didn’t quite care. rif however, was really excited about ChaTime. “What? 30 minutes wait for a cup of tea?!! Hell no!” I said to him. I was willing to try the tea, but not willing to wait that long for it. Gong Cha was less crowded, probably because it is located on the second floor of The Gardens, instead of the lower ground floor like ChaTime.

We tried Gong Cha first, because it was easier to get a drink there. Here, you can choose the level of sweetness and ice for your drink. The Signature Milk Green Tea (RM5.90) is one of the bestsellers — we ordered one to try and added the black sago pearl for an additional RM1. Service was pleasant and in 5 minutes, our drink was ready.

Tastewise, I didn’t like it. The green tea flavour was quite strong, but the milk was rather diluted. It would have tasted better had the milk been thicker and creamier. We did however, enjoy the black sago pearls as they were chewy and slightly sweet.

A few days later, we tried ChaTime. Since we got there at 11.30am, the crowd was only starting to pick up. Even so, we still had to wait for 10 minutes. Unlike Gong Cha, the service here was robotic. Don’t expect the staff to be friendly; they hardly have time to do so.

He let me choose, so I opted for the ChaTime Red Bean Milk Tea (RM5.90). There was no need to add the black sago pearls, as they came with the drink. Again, you can decide on the amount of sugar and ice for your drink. While placing my order, the crowd behind me almost doubled.

The verdict? I enjoyed this a lot better than the tea from Gong Cha. The sweet red bean topping gave it a thicker and creamier texture. I also liked that my tea wasn’t overly sweet and it had a pleasant hint of bitterness. Of course the black sago pearls were nice and chewy. I reckon the pearls here were slightly tastier than Gong Cha’s.

Battle of the Cha

In this battle of ChaTime vs. Gong Cha, ChaTime won. I wouldn’t mind going back to try the other drinks from both places. But only when the queue is not too long…

ChaTime: 6.5/10
Gong Cha: 4/10
Verdict: Wasn’t too pleased with my drink from Gong Cha, but the Red Bean Milk Tea at ChaTime got me hooked.

Gong Cha
S-238B, 2nd Floor,
The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City

Lower Ground,
The Gardens,

Mid Valley City