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February 18, 2011

Coffee @ O Gourmet, Bangsar Shopping Centre

When rif says “Let’s go for a drink”, he usually means coffee. The boy doesn’t enjoy coffee as much as I do, but it’s starting to grow on him. Often, our coffee session involves a bit of brainstorming and poking fun at each other.

Our recent coffee session was at O Gourmet; the small coffee station where you can sip on your coffee as you chat with friends/people-watch. We placed our orders at the coffee counter and took our seats. The layer of froth in my latte was rightly thick, and with a simple latter art. I like my coffee strong, so I got a double shot latte (RM12). Illy espresso beans make decent latte I reckon, because the coffee flavour is more pronounced.

His cappuccino (RM9) wasn’t as good as my coffee. I found the layer of foam too heavy and the coffee flavour was a tad weak. He thought the bitterness was just right. That said, it was still one of the better cappuccinos around. Service was pretty good; the staff were friendly and quite attentive. Next time, I think I’ll schedule my meetings here instead of having them at Dome/Coffee Bean.

I’m so glad the weekend is here. Happy Friday Everyone!!

O Gourmet Food Hall

East Wing, Ground Floor
Bangsar Shopping Centre

3 Responses

  1. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    gosh i must thank my lucky stars that a double shot illy latte cost 4 bucks here (well technically rm12 too)..

  2. Sean

    ooh, didn't realize there's a coffee station here. too bad there's no wine station for customers to open a bottle and sit around sipping some booze 😀

  3. AugustDiners

    i've always pass by this place but unfortunately often is to rush to some place else.

    Now you have tempt me! 😀

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