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*NOTE: This is NOT a paid advertorial. I did this because I found it beneficial is many ways!
When I received an invite to attend the inaugural graduation by ADAMAS School of Weddings, I thought it was sent to me by mistake. I looked closely at the email, and it was addressed to my real name, and the person who sent it to me was someone I met at a wine-tasting event half a year ago.

With Dr.Khoo Kien Ling — every bride’s fairy godmother!

Curious, I read on. The ceremony was Halloween themed – Magic of the Northern Light. It sounded fun, and very unlike my graduation ceremony, or rif’s graduation ceremony for that matter. Since I had no idea who was going to be there, Dr. Khoo graciously allowed me to bring a plus one – rif.

Placing my hand print on their wall
My favourite centerpiece

We arrived slightly after 6pm, and they had begun the centerpiece judging. Six centrepieces were displayed and all were unique in their own way. I really liked the “East Meet West” themed centrepiece. It was beautifully done with red and white wrapping tissue (formed into flowers), thin and long branches in a simple, yet elegant vase.

I love the hanging ornaments on the branches. rif liked “Home” better – this was very Japanese inspired.

rif’s favourite

The banquet hall was lovely. I don’t think I’ve come across such nice and uncluttered hall decor before. All this was done by Dr.Khoo’s students, under her supervision. The centerpiece was simple, yet beautiful; it didn’t clutter the table, and neither was it too small. And the little ladybirds on the “grass patches” was an adorable touch.rif was also impressed with the way the hall was decorated – Harry Potter style. Just look at the pictures…very nice right?A brief history about Dr.Khoo – she was originally from a science background, with an impressive PhD in Computational Modelling and Dielectric Properties of the Hollandite. She made a bold switch to wedding planning, because she believes in fairy tales and dreams come true (sounds like every bride’s fairy godmother!).

She pursued her dream at Weddings Beautiful Worldwide, and became a certified wedding planner in June 2008. Dr. Khoo is the President of Weddings Beautiful Malaysia & Singapore and she now trains others who have a passion for the industry. The school also assists its graduates in setting up their own wedding planning businesses.

From what I understand, engaging in a wedding planner saves the bride and groom time, money (proper management) and hassle. A wedding planner listens to what the couple want, gets to work with a GIVEN BUDGET and coordinates every detail of their wedding day. This includes looking for a suitable hotel/restaurant, wedding car, wedding gown, accessories, bridal bouquet, decoration, invitation card, reception, florist, make-up artist, photographer(s), videographer(s) and etc. Sounds like a dream to me!

Less stress = less arguments = less pimples = prettier bride. ;P

Even by working with a budget, they can still pull of the perfect wedding. The centerpiece I mentioned earlier – each group was given an RM500 budget to create the perfect centerpiece. ADAMAS also plans birthday bashes, anniversaries, graduation parties and others.
The ceremony was well-planned, from decor, music, lighting…right down to the food. I only noticed a minor glitch – in the microphone system. This was immediately fixed, and everything went smoothly after that.

“Lock of Love” won the Best Centerpiece Award. This was not my favourite centerpiece, but it was pretty. Personal preference — I don’t like pink. LOL.

Pumpkin Soup, Curried Apple Chutney with Herbed Crouton
Horseradish Crusted Salmon, Chicken Provencal with Dill Cream & Marsala Sauce,
Ratatouille, Asparagus & Gnocchi Romaine


We had plenty of fun. Dr. Khoo went to each table to make sure all her guests had a good time. The team from Millennium Associates was great company the whole night. Thank you Rachel from Millennium Associates for the invite. It was nice meeting you again after so long.

And thank you Dr. Khoo, for hosting rif and I that night– the event was a great success. Congratulations!

Halloween costumes
Our favourite two “ghosts”

If you’re interested in attending the ADAMAS School of Weddings, there are two packages available:

– Home Study Program (self-learning) that takes 1 year to complete – RM 3,000

– WBMS Course (taught in the school’s premises) that includes lectures, tutorials and hand-on experience – RM9,500

Graduates from ADAMAS School of Weddings

For more information, log on to www.adamasweddings.com

If you’re interested in their wedding planning services, contact Dr. Khoo at [email protected]

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