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This Fish & Chippery was empty when I popped by for dinner on a weeknight. It was just rif and I, the waitress and the person manning the fryer. Good thing a family of 4 walked in, before I could make any negative judgments on the place.I didn’t like the ambiance of the place – it looked like a cross between a cafeteria and a lounge/bar. And a failed attempt at that. Ravenous, I quickly settled for the large deep-fried dory fillet with chips (RM28) and rif, the ¼ pound cheese burger with chips (RM26).

Malt vinegar, ketchup, chilli sauce, HP sauce, salt & pepper

My plate of fish and chips came fresh from the fryer, smelling slightly greasy from the oil, which was probably used to fry a bit too many fish and chips. A squirt of lemon juice fixed the problem. Beneath the crispy batter, the fish was satisfyingly flaky and moist.

Huge, but hardly filling. At least not for me. =P

I liked the tartar sauce. Tangy, sweet and not too heavy on the mayo, this went nicely with the fish. What I did not like, were the limp and greasy chips, devoid of crispiness. Definitely not the best fish and chips I’ve eaten, but it is neither the worst.

rif’s burger was surprisingly quite good — I thought it looked a bit sad on the plate next to the same limp chips. The patty was fairly thick, juicy and flavourful, with a nice chunkiness in each bite. Topped with melted cheese and a fluffy, yet firm bun, this simple burger puts a lot of fancy burgers to shame. But it is still, pretty average in my books. The burger was a bit smallish, so it might not suffice for some, especially if you opt to skip the limp fries.
I still felt hungry, so we ordered another dish to try – deep-fried macaroni with chips (RM16). I wished they’d do something about the chips. If I could (and if they had any), I would have switched those chips with coleslaw, or something non-fried. Although it had the same batter as the fish and chips, it was much greasier. This was a bit weird for me; taste wise and texture wise. Dinner was a greasy affair. I don’t think I’ve eaten so much fried food in one meal. The fish & chips and ¼ pounder is something worth trying if you happen to be near the area, but I wouldn’t recommend the deep-fried macaroni. And don’t say I didn’t warn you about those chips!

Limp, limp, limp!

Ambiance: 5.5/10
Price: 5/10
Food: 5/10 (pork-free)
Verdict: Not bad, but not spectacular either.

A4-UG1-3A, Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 KL
Tel: 03 6207 9101

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