Oxford Street!

To silence my whiny brother, I agreed to go shopping with him at Oxford Street. It was the summer sale, and everything was at 70% off! He ended up doing all the shopping, while I waited on the sofa, along with the husbands and boyfriends.

This bobo looked like he just got out of bed. Some more never shave. +_+

Come lunchtime, we went to Pizza Hut for their lunchtime buffet. I don’t think they can have pizza buffets Malaysia — greedy people like me might bankrupt the restaurant. =P

For £6.99, you get unlimited pizza, pasta and salad. Soft drinks are £1.98 each, and yes, they are refillable. We probably ate around 10 slices of pizza each. *burp*
Continued shopping for another hour, before joining his friends for a round of drinks at a nearby pub. Why don’t we have Bulmers in KL?! It’s so damn good.

Then I went hunting for rif’s Man United jersey at Sports Direct, but it wasn’t available in store yet (I managed to buy it a few days later). I was so tempted to buy him an Arsenal or Chelsea jersey just to piss the hell out of him, but I decided to be a good girl.Come dinnertime, we went to this kebab place called HALAL at Bayswater. It’s an odd name to call the shop, and I noticed a lot of Malaysians eating there. Got no better place to eat meh? My lamb shawerma was nothing to shout about. And the chips were greasy and overfried. My brother’s chicken leg with rice was edible, but hardly memorable. The pickled chillies tasted odd. I had a bite, and didn’t finish the rest.

Went to Bayswater Pub just across the street for another round of cider. And got kicked out of the pub. Because they close at 11pm *roll eyes*. Then the gang wanted to go to Gala Casino to play a few rounds of roulette and black jack.

Chicken roulade anyone? (pic taken from google)

But I would much rather eat a roulade than watch them play. Waited for them on the couch, and helped myself to some free flow of coffee and cookies. Until I dozed off.
Bro bought me a kebab from the kebab shop next door because he felt bad that I had to wait. That was good kebab. Much much better than the sub par dinner I had at HALAL. Reached our hotel at 2am and went straight to sleep. That was Day 2…stay tuned for Day 3!

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.rif. August 8, 2010 - 4:24 am

Man U is the best!!!


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