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There are many reasons why people blog. Among the reasons are:

  1. To accomplish fame
  2. For recognition
  3. As a hobby
  4. To get freebies
  5. To share their discoveries with others

I started blogging due to reason number 3 and 5. I write columns for reason number 2. I don’t think I have accomplished reason number 1, and it doesn’t bother me.
One of my pet peeves about bloggers, are those who blog merely for reason number 4. It spoils the joy of blogging, if you ask me. That said, I do accept invited food reviews if:

  1. I’ve heard good things about the place
  2. The food looks promising
  3. ONLY IF I’m allowed to be honest
I am quite selective when it comes to invited food reviews, because I don’t like feeling obligated to write good things when the food isn’t up to my standard. I recently agreed to an invited food review at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.. I was curious about the place, as Forest Gump is one of my favourite movies.


The onion rings were pretty decent – but I thought it was nothing to shout about. Bubba Gump’s version was large, crispy and well battered. It went very well with the Chipotle Ranch. A nice change from the scrawny, limp ones we so often find at fast food joints these days.
Run Across America Sampler (RM43.90) comprised Dip and Chips, Chilli Shrimp, Spicy Chicken Strips, Hush Pups and Mama Blue’s Fried Shrimp. The dip was made of spinach and peppers in a rich, creamy sauce. Pretty addictive, especially with the chips. A pity the chips to dip ratio was imbalanced – too much chips, too little dip.Spicy Chicken Strips were alright, as were the hush pups and fried shrimp. I didn’t like the chilly shrimp, as I thought it tasted like cold leftovers. The accompanying dipping sauce didn’t have much kick.Since there were 9 of us, we shared everything, including the Shrimper’s Heaven (RM44.90). Coconut shrimp, Chilly Shrimp, Fried Shrimp, Tempura Shrimp, Fries and Dippin’ Sauces – I don’t think I have eaten that much shrimp before! While I didn’t like the chilly shrimp, I found the coconut shrimp most interesting. Everyone seemed to be on a carb free diet, so I polished all the fries.Lt. Dan’s Drunken Shrimp looked promising – large chargrilled shrimp & spicy sausages with mashed potatoes and non-alcoholic bourbon sauce (RM39.90). The non-alcoholic sauce was a tad “potong-steam”. The shrimp were fresh, plump and sweet. I didn’t care much for the sausages though.With so much shrimp, a non-shrimp dish was a welcome sight — Lt. Dan’s Barbeque Rib & Chicken Combo (RM43.90). The ribs were not as tender as I’d have liked it to be, and the chicken leg was also bordering the dry side. The BBQ sauce did however, make up for the lack of moisture. Take note: I was being picky. The others had no complaints this dish. Crazy Cajun Chicken (RM 28.90) was a new addition to the menu, and the waiter highly recommended it. The boneless chicken thighs were grilled and lightly seasoned with Cajun spices, and served with a side of mash. This was okay, but I found the portion a tad small. Mama Gump’s Grilled Lamb Rack (RM44.90) was slightly undercooked at some parts. And I was the unfortunate one who got the uncooked part. +_+Pear and Berry Salad (RM28.90) was nice and tangy, but too healthy for my liking. I like my salads heavy on the dressing and loaded with chicken and cheese. Something rif got correct right from the start of our relationship — never ever order me a salad.By the time we got to the Bucket of Boat Trash (RM43.90), I felt like a shrimp myself. I definitely smelt like one. Deep fried shrimp, lobster tail and fish fillet with fries, everything felt greasy to me. rif liked the lobster tail. I contemplated waving the white flag – I was being overfed!Despite my burgeoning food bump, I had a bite of the …Of Course We Have Scampi!, which was pretty good. I wouldn’t mind having this again – and no, I don’t want to share. LOL The clam chowder however, wasn’t what I expected. It was full of clam chunks, but I found it a tad too thick – from starch. If it was thickened naturally, I would have enjoyed it a lot more.

Camwhoring before dessert…


Desserts were an Alabama Mud Pie (RM22.90), Mama’s Cinnamon Bread Pudding (RM13.90) and That Chocolate Thing (RM18.90). Of the lot, I liked That Chocolate Thing best, and the bread pudding least. The former was quite messy to eat; but if you love your desserts sweet, sticky and chocolate-y, you’ll probably like this. Honestly, I was disappointed with the secret vanilla sauce for the bread pudding. It tasted like it came from the packet. Overall, the food was decent – I’m just a bit critical when it comes to food reviews. This is definitely a place I would go to for group gatherings and parties. They do a pretty fun birthday cheer; at least for us to watch. Not sure how EVo feels about this. =P

My favourite picture of the day

Ambiance: 6.5/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 5.5/10 (pork-free)
Verdict: It’s best to go in a group and SHARE the food.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
Lot 145, 1st Floor,
The Curve
Tel: 03 7710 9862, 7710 9863

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