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Tong Sui Kai @ Ipoh

Dessert after dinner, was at Tong Sui Kai (stall 21 & 22), in front of SRJK (C) Sam Tet in Ipoh. At 10pm, there was no place to sit. We ended up sitting in front of the kuay teow th’ng stall next door. Feeling ‘pai seh’, Chor ordered a bowl of kuay teow th’ng (RM3.30) from the old lady, so that she wouldn’t chase us away from her table. “I eat this almost all the time and it’s quite nice,” Chor said, referring to the noodles. The noodles were bland; it tasted as though I was eating kuay teow with hot water. rif too, thought it was tasteless, and ‘not nice at all’. Chor however, disagreed by saying ‘Ipoh food is like that’. *sweat*Dessert took ages to arrive — we were told to wait for 45 minutes. And as most of you know, I’m not very good at waiting. I fidget. A LOT. rif’s lin chi kang (RM1.20) was first to arrive. I liked it. The lotus seed was well cooked, without being mushy and the soup was deliciously concentrated. Before I could snap a picture of Chor’s ABC Ais (RM2), he took a huge bite of the ice cream. I thought the ABC was slightly on the plain side, especially after eating my mix fruit ice (RM5.50). This dessert comprised slices of mango, jackfruit, longan and watermelon balls on sweetened shaved ice. It comes garnished with salted peanuts, jelly strips and a nice big scoop of ice cream. Very refreshing, especially with the addition of the watermelon. rif kept sticking his spoon into my bowl and stealing my jackfruit slices. Tsk tsk…

If you’re craving for something sweet and icy, pay this stall a visit. But I’m telling you — be prepared to wait as long as I did.

Ambiance: 4/10
Price: 6/10
Dessert: 6/10
Noodles: 3/10
Verdict: Pretty good dessert, at a fraction of what you pay in KL.

Tong Sui Kai,
(in front of SRJK (C) Sam Tet)
off Jalan Sultan Idris,

6 Responses

  1. Julian Si

    Ipoh makan adventures are only better-ed by Penang ones 😉

    Ahh…. finally had the chance to meet ya yesterday, cheers and thanks for introducing me and my mates to SLP, Lucky Gdn!!!


  2. J

    Maybe us KL/ Selangor ppl have had our tastebuds too overloaded by salt/ MSG/ etc as compared to Ipoh? 🙂
    (I know I like my food too salty than is healthy, but I can't help it….)

  3. PureGlutton

    What – wait 45min. for those desserts?! You really are patient, hehe! I think this place is over-rated, really. I hardly go there anymore.

  4. iamthewitch

    Wow, jackfruit slices in the shaved ice! I'm down for it!! But still, 45 minutes? That's way too long for something that doesn't need any cooking, eh? 🙂

  5. Horlic

    "eat kuey teow with hot water"… feel the same too..

  6. thule a.k.a leo

    Not necessarily la… if you go earlier before the crowds, you might get yourself a good table and shorter waiting time too!

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