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Growing up, I used to follow my dad to his office in KL, during weekends. While he got some work done, I got to raid the pantry and helped myself to the boxed drinks in the fridge (explains why I was so chubby). After that, he would take me to his favourite mee rebus stall at Jalan Kamunting for lunch. My dad is a simple man and he enjoys eating hawker food — I think I picked up this trait from him. Many people get put off by eateries at the back alley, but I kind of like the ‘feel’ back alley gives. This mee rebus stall is one of them. The stall has been around for quite some time. I remember eating here when I was 5 or 6 years old. Back then, a plate of mee rebus cost RM2 and RM2.50 if you add sotong. Now, a plate of mee rebus sotong cost RM5. This mee rebus comprised a hard-boiled egg (halved), tofu, potato cubes, beansprouts, sotong, fried shallots and chopped green chilli. I don’t fancy eating mee rebus, because I find the gravy a bit lacking. But I always make an exception for this, as the gravy is robust and thick with a hint of curry flavour.

Portion is a bit on the small side (especially when you’re hungry), but that’s probably just my greed talking. Go try this for yourself. If you’re one of those people who can’t stand eating by the drain (like my mum), you can opt to takeaway your mee rebus.

Ambiance: 1/10
Price: 4/10
Food: 6/10 (halal)
Verdict: Pretty good mee rebus, but slightly pricey considering the portion.

Mee Rebus Stall
Jalan Kamunting
Behind Yut Kee Restaurant
Open for breakfast and lunch.
Close on Public Holidays.

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