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Chong Ko Hakka Noodle @ Pandan Indah

One of my pet peeves when it comes to food hunting, is when you search high and low for a restaurant, only to find it one hour later…with most of the food sold out. The last time I had Chong Ko Hakka Noodle was about 3 years ago, and I forgot how to get to the restaurant at Pandan Indah. It took rif and I a few wrong turns to find the place. When we arrived at 2.30pm, the place was still packed with customers, but they were out of many items, except their original Hakka noodles (RM4.30 – small, RM4.90 – big). Famished, rif and I ordered a large bowl of pork ball Hakka noodles and cincau + soy bean (RM1.80). Upon hearing my order, the lady paused, took a good look at me and double confirmed if I really wanted a large serving. +_+The Hakka noodles looks plain, with barely any colour for the gravy and light garnishing on the top. Minced pork is added to give the noodles more flavour and bite, while the chopped scallions add aroma. I generally find Hakka Noodles a bit plain, which is why I love eating it with char siew. However, it tasted better when eaten with the chilli sauce provided. What I like about the noodles is the texture – cooked just right, it is slightly chewy and has a more satisfying bite. You can opt for fine Hakka noodles or the thicker version. I like the latter better. They added quite a bit of cuttlefish in the pork meatball, to give it a springier texture. rif likes this, but I prefer Restoran Satellite‘s version. Despite the lack of items, lunch was decent. However, I wouldn’t recommend going all the way to Cheras for this, unless you live nearby.

Ambiance: 5.5/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 5.5/10 (non-halal)
Verdict: If you like your noodles lightly seasoned, try this!

Jalan Pandan Indah 1/22,
Pandan Indah,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N 3 07.760 E 101 45.114

7 Responses

  1. ai wei

    hmm, I thought that's minced chicken?! as it's coarser.
    i do love their homemade noodles, portion and chili

  2. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    yeah hakka noodles do look abit bland hor? but i think they put some really tasty broth which obviously sink to the bottom of the bowl.

  3. thule a.k.a leo

    do u know that Chong Ko originated from Kuala Lipis? The Pandan Indah outlet is opened by my classmate's dad who moved here many years ago. Kuala Lipis outlet is managed by another brother 🙂

    let me teach you how Kuala Lipis people had the hakka mee… we mix the chilly sauce into the mee, stir it and wallop just like that!
    The main selling point of he noodle is of course, the handmade mee…

  4. J2Kfm

    Thanks Leo, I just saw this on TV not long ago, the Kuala Lipis version.

    No wonder the name sounds familiar. To me, this outlet in Pandan Indah IS indeed near to my aunt's place, hence I have eaten here before. Most memorable for the stark white noodles, sans any dark soy sauce, if I may say so.

  5. iamthewitch

    You're right, Hakka noodles on it's own is rather bland, but the minced meat is what makes it taste so much better! One of the nicer Hakka noodles that I've tasted is in Penang, Sungai Nibong, at a restaurant called Kampar Fish Ball Noodles (no, I'm not biased just because I'm from Kampar). 😛 Those noodles tasted good and savoury once you mixed it up real well with the generous minced meat on top! Ah..

  6. Julian Si

    Hakka noodles … delicate, light, and dammmmn hard to find a good one 😉

    Wonder if its better then my fave one in Serembanland!

  7. CUMI & CIKI

    Looks delicious! Love hakka noodles. was there enough pork lard in it? LOL

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