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I spy with my little (literally!) eye. =P

I thought pageant week was all about training, but was pleasantly surprised when we were treated to a lovely French dinner at L’Heritage. As restaurant is somewhat new, I found the surrounding eerily quiet. Good thing there were 18 girls with the camera crew there. Else, I’d be a bit scared. LOL

Candid shot (thanks Andy!)

I had so much trouble eating the bread. It was annoyingly hard, I couldn’t cut through it let alone break it into half. My futile attempts resulted in bread chunks (not crumbs) falling on my dress, my sash and all over my place. Epic fail, I tell you! I gave up. Called the waiter and working my most pitiful expression, I asked for a soft bread roll. I got it, and ate it appreciatively with my truffle (I think it’s truffle) herb butter. French onion soup tasted seemingly authentic. The gruyère cheese gave the soup an earthy, rustic flavour while the crunchy croutons gave each spoonful a slight bite. I liked this, especially when the puff pastry when it was slightly softened in the soup. A pity it was “French” portion. As most of you already know, I don’t don’t don’t like tiny portions. The cod fish was quite good, but not exemplary. Kudos to the chef for cooking the cod just right — the texture was flaky, smooth yet firm. Brown butter sauce was used to complement the fish. The pairing was lovely, only for the first few bites. I found this a bit cloying towards the end. A less decadent sauce would have been more ideal.

Om nom nom nom….

Crème brulee was almost too pretty to eat. Beneath the wafer-thin layer of hot brittle sugar was a sensuous yet simple dessert of silky vanilla custard sweetened with sugar and scented with vanilla. Every bite was warm and cold, sweet and a bit bitter, custardy and crunchy. It was lovely. Some complain that it was too sweet, but if memory serves me right, that is how the French crème brulee is prepared.

Andy and Christy
Ignore the plaster on my leg. That was the result of wearing 6-inch heels for 15 hours a day!

Dinner was good, but it lacked a certain element to be graded as excellent. I reckon it was the cod that was missing this ‘element’ as some of the people I talked to felt the same way about it.

L’Heritage Restaurant
The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur
6 Jalan Conlay
50450 Kuala Lumpur
03 2688 9688

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