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Fish Head Noodles @ Jalan Tiong Nam

Everyone has their favourite fish head noodle stall. While I don’t often crave fish head noodles, it is something I enjoy eating every now and then. One of my favourite places to go to for good fish head noodles is Jalan Tiong Nam.It can be difficult to spot the shop — it is located in a housing area opposite Sogo. No thanks to their zinc roof, I felt as though I was sitting in a hot oven. Despite wearing shorts and singlet, I still perspired like a pig.rif and I shared a claypot of fish head noodles (RM6 per person) for 2 pax. Within 10 minutes, we were tucking into the boiling hot noodles, which came with fried fish head, fish balls, fu chuk, lala, tofu and yam. They use thick rice vermicelli (which I like better), but you can opt for vermicelli (mee hoon) if you like. The portion was quite generous – it could easily feed three. The soup was sweet from the lala, evaporated milk and Chinese rice wine. And possibly some MSG. I should have asked for fish slices, as I don’t like spending too much time picking out the bones from the fish head. While enjoying the noodles, I spotted a man having the Bak Kut Teh. Curious, I followed suit. This turned out to be a horrible choice. The soup lacked herbs, flavour and kick. On top of that, the pork belly had way too much fat to be considered edible. Possibly one of the worst tasting bak kut tehs I’ve had. Unless you enjoy feeling disappointed, skip this.To get to the place, just turn into Lorong Tiong Nam 5 when you see Old Town Kopitiam on the left of Jalan Raja Laut. The shop is at the corner lot of the first junction.

Ambiance: 1/10
Price: 6.5/10
Food: 6.5/10 (non-halal)
Verdict: For those who cannot stand the heat, I suggest you takeaway your fish head noodles.

Lorong Tiong Nam 5,
Chow Kit,
50350 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: N 3 09.918 E 101 41.722

13 Responses

  1. KY

    what do u mean by "way too much fat"? no such thing! lol

  2. Baby

    i'm 1 person who can't stand heat.

  3. J

    Ew. That piece of pork is SCARY.

  4. iamthewitch

    Oh dear, I can't stand sweating while having my food! I wonder if they open during dinner? And I love Thick vermicelli anytime!

  5. thule a.k.a leo

    In that case, I won't be able to come here.. coz I'd sweat a lot!
    The secret of a good bowl of fish head noodle also lies in the usage of good thick rice vermicelli.. u have chosen the right one 🙂
    But I won't be going far just to enjoy this.. the best for me is still under the flat in Taman Ikan Emas Cheras…

  6. vialentino

    wah…like got no fan at all…sure panas like hell ler…hehehe

  7. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    love this place when our office was at wisma sime darby, been ages since i had it, love the fish noodles and yes, the bkt does lack the kick i admit.

    sweat is part of the meal here, im afraid!

  8. CUMI & CIKI

    hahaha… laffing at KY speaks comment. too much fat around the human GUT cannot.. too much fat on the spare rib is OK 😛 hehe

  9. UnkaLeong

    I like the fish head noodles there 🙂 ButI prefer the one they serve nearby at Ong Lai. Available at night only..me thinks.

  10. Huai Bin

    I like fish head but the fish head noodles over here use deep fried fish head which is a travesty to me. I like natural steamed fresh fish. 🙂

  11. Life for Beginners

    OMG. That is a LOT of fat on the pork belly… 😛

  12. Bangsar-bAbE

    LFB – Ya…DAMN A LOT!

    Huai Bin – Can request for steamed fresh fish also… 😉

    Unka – Yup…only at night. And quite expensive la…no?

    Cumi & Ciki – LOL…so cute la you!

    Joe – Ya…next time, I'm going to tapau!

    vialentino – It was crazy hot. >.<

    leo – I don't know where's that. Take me there? 😉

    iamthewitch – They don't open for dinner. Only lunch I think.

    J – Hahahhaa…

    Baby – You and I both!

    KY – You SURE you want to eat that piece of pork? =P

  13. Garrett Wong

    Hi Babe…..would you know if this restaurant is still operating? I can’t find any recent posts. Thanks!

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