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February 25, 2010

Betty’s Midwest Kitchen @ Aman Suria

Betty’s Midwest Kitchen is one of the newer restaurants in Aman Suria that specialises in American Midwest Cuisine. rif and I discovered the place by accident — we had planned to go for char siew but forgot that it was still CNY period. Once seated, we were so hungry that we immediately placed our orders. The lemonade (RM2.50) was highly recommended by the waitress, and rightfully so. It was light, sour and very refreshing. Definitely one of the better ones around. I had their classical meatloaf (RM15) which came with mash potatoes, peas, onion relish and beer sauce dipping. Made with minced pork, the meatloaf was moist, hearty and packed a wallop of flavours. The beer sauce gave the meatloaf a twist of flavour while the mash potatoes came topped with rich special gravy. Creamy and oh-so-addictive; I had to swat rif’s hands away from my plate.
rif’s pulled pork burger (RM12) was ridiculously small. We didn’t touch the fries before I snapped a picture; it was that little. Taste wise, the burger was not bad — meaty and saucy, with a savoury sweet aftertaste. The burger bun was of commercial variety. It wouldn’t hold a massive patty, but since it was pulled pork, the bun didn’t break when I tried to eat the burger. We liked the meatloaf better.Since we were still hungry, we ordered a country fried chicken (RM13) to share. The chicken was ordinary and slightly on the dry side. However, it came with a generous serve of mash potatoes and gravy. The peas were firm and sweet — it didn’t taste frozen to me.
On a subsequent visit with friends two days later, I tried the pork belly which was sticky, fatty and tender with charred bits. I would have preferred more meat (who wouldn’t) but for RM24 per serving, one should not expect generous portions. The Grilled Beer Braised Boston Butt (RM25.50) was also not bad. Braised for hours, the pork shoulder absorbed its marinade and gravy so well, it was almost in a melt-in-the-mouth state. This was the only dish that came in a fairly large portion.Sloppy Joe (RM12) wasn’t available when we first went, so I knew right away rif was going to order that. The combination of ground pork, onions, ketchup, herbs and seasoning yielded a chunky, hearty dish that was messy (but deliciously so) to eat.Being geedy, we also shared a serving of “dog food” (RM7.50). Fries topped with special gravy and melted cheese, this messy side order was good finger food. rif liked this a lot, while I thought it was nothing to shout about.
Their brewed coffee was decent and pretty reasonable, at RM4 per mug. For RM5.50, the rootbeer was no better than the can versions sold in the supermarkets. I’ll stick to the lemonade in future. Dessert was apple crumble with two scoops of vanilla ice cream (RM8). This was surprisingly huge. The gang liked it, but I didn’t fancy the crust — it had a doughy and dense texture. All in, the food was not bad and the service was efficient. I think their tagline “America on a plate” isn’t quite true (portion-wise), as portions were very small. That said, I’d come back to try the rest of the menu…and this time, I want the Jucy Lucy! Ambiance: 6/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 6/10 (non-halal)
Verdict: Pretty decent American food, but un-American portions.

A-G-40, Jalan PJU 1/43,
Aman Suria Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya.
03 78800196

Operating hours:
(Closed Mondays)
Tues-Fri: 11am-10pm;
Sat & Sun: 10am-10pm
GPS Coordinates: N 3 07.314 E 101 35.703

8 Responses

  1. Jet

    You should try their cheeseburger (RM15) – a minced pork patty the size of a Daily Grind burger (if not thicker), topped with bacon and cheese.. It's dense, supremely porky, and a far better pork burger than say, Cristang! Comes with more a lot more fries than that pulled pork burger, too.

    Other good choices are the comfort-foodish pork chops with baked apples (RM20), the zesty and unusual pork chops in orange sauce, and for big appetites, the Hog Wild (a thick ham steak + a juicy bratwurst wrapped with crispy bacon!). Grilled baby back ribs are also pretty good; tender and savoury.

    Can't think of a bad comment, so I guess my authenticity is in doubt.. ._.

  2. kenwooi

    the food looks really nice.. =)


  3. thenomadGourmand

    I ate almost everythin on the menu di..so i normally go for the specials now.
    The wild hog ham steak is not salty (thk god!) and i had to share cos it's big!

  4. yours truly; RL

    i've been there before too. tried their baby back ribs and it was great! tender,juicy ad goes very well with the sauce.
    i love their mashed potatoes too! unfortunately, the babyback ribs came with fries so i swapped them with my brother's. will definately come back for more next time. the only complaint i have is that it could have come with a little more meat.

    btw i love ur blog! i stumbled upon it when reading huai bin's post about u and him meeting at bruno's . i love reading food blogs and i spent 4 hours on your blog the first time will it was 3 AM reading everything. i come here almost everyday now to check on updates. keep up the good work :)!

  5. Simon Seow

    Ah, a new place for pork.

  6. mimid3vils

    tried once, the place was totally packed to the brim!!!

  7. Bangsar-bAbE

    mimi – Yeah…the place is quite small. >.<

    Simon – Yup…go try!

    yours truly; RL – Thank you for your support! Do keep on reading. As for the meat part…ya…I wished there was more meat. I'm definitely trying the ribs next, and their Jucy Lucy. 😉

    nomad – How often do you go there?

    kenwooi – It' not bad, and it isn't expensive.

    Jet – Don't worry…you're not the only one who loves Betty's. My friends love this place too! ;P

  8. elaine

    Had a bad dining experience there.
    Went there last night with 3 friends to have a try on the food since everyone gave them thumbs up. When I reached there around 6.30pm, only 1 table was occupied. Guess I was early for dinner. I was impressed by the shop deco and the menu they offer. While waiting for the food, more people came and finally every table was filled up.

    While we are trying to push all the food inside our terribly full tummy, the daughter kept asking us “Any further order?” She asked that every 5 minutes. So annoying! She even cleared the empty plate without asking. Then it started to run heavily outside. My friend ordered a basket of fries, cheese rounds and 4 bottles of Budweiser while waiting for rain to stop. The girl kept staring at us as the signal to leave the table as there are people waiting to be seated. We ignored as we believe customers always have the right and we still haven’t finish our food. Finally the girl came over our table and asked, “can I clear your table?” and we are shocked as we still have half basket of fries and we haven’t finish our beer. Can you imagine that? She was trying to shoo us away. We was so angry! How can she do that to customer? So we just pay the bill and swear will never go back there again. Never ever! Disappointed with her PR skill.

  9. Berber

    We have a terrible experience there. Here is the story.
    Me n my frens were having late dinner and I came in late. So my friend helped me to order aglio olio during the last order (about 9:30pm).
    I managed to sit down at the table before the food was served. This is my first time taking aglio olio with Chinese parsley which I hated it so much. Nvm. Our fault. We ordered wrong thing. So I tried to pick out the Chinese parsley as I really can’t take the smell. But I still tried my best to finish the food asap because I knew that they r closing at 10pm. I keep checking my watch times to times. In the meanwhile, my frens were discussing on some work stuff.
    I knew that the Madam was unhappy seeing me taking out the Chinese Parsley… May be she thought I was wasting her time to go home. whatever. But I really feel uncomfortable sitting there.
    I have tried my best to finish it fast. At about 9:50, while I m still eating the food (just a little bit left), the boss came to stop us and said “we r closing now”! How can u said that while ur customer is still having their food? I know everyone wants to finish work by time but it is not yet 10. Eventually I need to put away my pasta n GET OUT from their shop.
    They r really rude n poor in attitude!

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