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The alluring smell of bread and pastries wafted through O Gourmet’s bakery section, as the bakers placed their freshly baked goods at the counter. They all looked so pretty, so delicate and so inviting, how could I resist them? I couldn’t. Not even close. I walked straight to the counter, and took a huge whiff, inhaling the delicious aroma that lingered around the place.Almost simultaneously, my greedy hands reached out for a tray, and I began taking whichever pastries that caught my fancy. My favourite item here was the apple bar (RM2.10), a mini apple strudel/pie with a remarkably flaky pastry and cinnamon-infused filling. The first thing I tasted was its light-glazed coating, crumbly butter crust and finally, its sweet apple sensation.Nearly as good was the custard bar (RM1.90). This is similar to the apple bar, but with custard filling instead. The custard was soft, creamy and rich — it melted in my mouth and was terribly addictive. I could have eaten half a dozen of these if it weren’t for the extra calories they came with.Priced slightly higher at RM2.60, the apricot bar was not as good as the former two. I found it a tad too sour. If you like maple syrup, try the maple walnut (RM1.80), with its buttery brown sugar goodness and nutty crunch. However, it might be slightly on the sweet side for those who don’t like their pastries sweet.

Pricing is surprisingly reasonable considering its location. Give the pastries a try if you happen to be there. Me? I’m going to try their crusty loaves next!

O Gourmet
Bangsar Shopping Centre

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