Home Food Reviews Wasted calories @ Pastis, The Gardens Mid Valley

The bad thing about shopping at The Gardens, is the temptation of sugary treats everywhere. After an appointment at Isetan, I met up with rif, who was running late for dinner. Slightly peckish, I waited for him at Pastis Cafe, and ordered their hot chocolate lava cake with ice cream, since there were many raves about it. With so many sung praises, I expected a warm chocolate cake with a centre that oozes with intensely rich molten chocolate. I peered into the centre, and was immediately disappointed. What should have been a molten centre turned out to be a stodgy blob of chocolate paste. To further add insult to the injury, the cake was dry and bordering chewy.


What was supposed to be dark, seductive and rich turned out to be an abysmal impersonation of the real thing. No amount of vanilla ice cream could fix this problem. Whoever said this was good probably hasn’t tried proper chocolate lava cake. I was terribly disappointed — what a waste of calories!

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