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Despite big cake brands like Secret Recipe and La Manila dominating the food industry, I noticed a steady growth of cake-shops-cum-cafes, often in upscale residential neighbourhoods. Most of these cake shops are inspired by French patisseries, especially the ones in Hartamas and Mon’t Kiara. Patisserie Rui, located at Mt Kiara Meridin is one of them.

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Becky texted me during lunch last week, “Babe, I’ve got CAKES from Rui! See you tonight!!” She shared with me her photos of the patisserie and the cakes. I first met Becky at a blogger’s event and we’ve become quite close ever since. She’s bubbly and friendly — it’s easy to understand why Unka is so smitten by her. The cakes were undeniably Japanese, with a French influence. This is evident in the genoise, a buttery sponge cake. Of the lot, I liked the Princess Torte best. It was a vanilla sponge cake layered with pastry cream (creme patisserie) and raspberry confiture (raspberry jam), and topped with fluffy icing. The cream, jam and sponge layers complemented each other beautifully. Not bad, but this was too light for me. I could easily polish off a whole cake, and still have room for more.Like the Princess Torte, the Tiramisu was also very light. Any lighter and it could pass off as foam. This dessert of espresso-soaked cake slathered with mascarpone cheese, cream and topped with a dusting of cocoa powder was missing the magic ingredient — ALCOHOL. I tasted coffee…sponge…cream…and a slight hint of cheese. Not my cup of tea, this one.Topped with cream and cake crumbs, the cupcakes (RM3.50 each), were almost 3 times larger than the tiny ones from +wondermilk. Of the 4 flavours we tried (chocolate, lemon, green tea and red velvet), I liked the lemon flavour best. Moist, crumbly and buttery, it tasted like a fine butter cake with a hint of tanginess. The green tea flavour was the least sweet of all the cupcakes. If you don’t like sweet cakes, you will probably enjoy this. I thought the cake lacked green tea flavour — it was too mild for me. I prefer it to be slightly bitter, to offset the cream icing.Between the red velvet and the chocolate cupcake, I prefer the latter. The red velvet is without a doubt, a cake that can stop traffic. The colour is an improbable red, which is very eye-catching against the snowy icing. To me, this was not really a red velvet cupcake. It was simply a butter cupcake with red colouring. If I were to grade it as a butter cake, it would fare alright. But since it was labelled as a red velvet cupcake, it didn’t make the cut. The chocolate cake looked promising, with its dark and rich crumbs. While it was moist and crumbly, it had little chocolate flavour. If you’re looking for something very chocolate-y that will knock your socks off, you will be terribly disappointed. But if you want something light to enjoy with your cup of tea, you will probably like this.

All in, the cakes were very light and delicate in terms of taste and texture. Much too light for me. Come to think of it, most Japanese cakes are light and airy, so I guess it’s a matter of preference. I wouldn’t mind having the Princess Torte again though. Thanks Becky for the cakes, and for letting me use your photographs. I enjoyed our bonding session…we should do this again soon!

*Read Becky’s review here and here.

Price: 6/10
Princess Cake: 5/10
Tiramisu: 4/10
Cupcakes: 4/10
Verdict: If you like your desserts light, you will love this!

G1B, Mt Kiara Meridin
19, Jln Duta Kiara
Kuala Lumpur
012317 7290
03 6207 9282

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