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There are times when I put myself (or more like my mum makes me) through a strict eating regime, which comprises rolled oats, celery & choy sum juice, organic vegetables and free-range eggs. And there are times I indulge in greasy food followed by desserts – the sweeter, the better. I was at Pusat Bandar Damansara picking up some wine at a nearby supermarket, when rif and I spotted this donut outlet with no visible name.Curious, we peered into the window stand and saw an array of decent-looking donuts on display. Being the curious cats we were, we bought half a dozen (6 for RM10) to try. I noticed a few people in the shop surfing the net — so I’m assuming there’s free WIFI. Tastewise, I was not impressed with the donuts at all. They were a far cry from the donut kings — Krispy Kreme, Big Apple & J.Co.Firstly, the donuts were neither light or cake-y. I found them to be denser than the ones I usually eat, but not as dense as Dunkin Donut. While they tried hard to impress with colourful toppings & pipings, I wasn’t sold.

Silly Mon – White chocolate with cinnamon sprinkles

The white chocolate glaze tasted like palm oil and was overly sweet, in a cheapo way.

Wang – Mango glazed donut with mango custard filling

This was a sorry attempt to mimic the mango flavoured donuts from J.Co & Big Apple. I really didn’t like the mango custard — it was all sugar and flavouring.

Choz O’Latte – White chocolate & latte flavoured donut

Of the lot, I liked this best. The latte cream filling helped mask the unpleasant taste of the white chocolate, so I tasted more coffee than chocolate. I wouldn’t mind having this again, if I’m desperate and there are no other options for me.

Latte Hill – Premium dark chocolate, cinnamon powder & coffee cream

I thought this donut looked pretty, but it tasted disappointing. They claim the chocolate is premium, but I seriously doubt it. This tasted like the cheap cooking chocolate available at supermarkets.

T’Misu – Coffee cream donut with cheese custard filling

No to this as well. I found the filling more cream then cheese — you know those plastic tasting whipped cream from the can? Imagine THAT with a mild cheese flavour.

Choz O’Cream – Dark chocolate with butter cream filling

By the 4th Donut, we were struggling to finish this. This was better than the T’Misu, but I still found it on par (or slightly below) with the donuts from local cakeshops.

I don’t think I’ll eat this again. The donuts are not good enough to justify the extra inch on my tummy. So…back to their tagline “every bite rings a moment”. Uhhhh…not for me!

Ambiance: 5/10
Price: 6/10
Taste: 2/10 (halal)
Verdict: Do yourself (and tummy) a favour and stick to the other famous donut chains.

Donut Empire
Pusat Bandar Damansara
(two doors away from McD)


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