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rif and I recently joined Becky and Unka at OUG Market on an early (7.30am!!) Sunday morning. I wanted to try the butter cake she raved about and sweet potato balls. Alas, there was no sweet potato balls that day – the old couple sold chang instead. We walked further down and joined the growing queue for the cakes. We got a whole butter cake (RM15), half a coffee marble cake (RM7.50) and half a chocolate cake (RM7.50).Breakfast was at Restaurant Lucky, as Unka wanted to try the pork noodles. rif ordered a large bowl to share with me, and I got myself a bowl of curry kuay teow.The noodles came with an egg, pork mince, pork slices and leafy vegetables (we omitted the liver and intestines). It was a generous portion, and I loved the addition of egg in the noodles. I thought the broth was not murky enough. It lacked flavour and I would prefer it porkier. Although the minced pork was quite tasty, this was just average. Kean Fatt’s version was better. rif, Becky and Unka agreed.The curry noodles looked promising with its fiery red colour and concentrated broth. However, it didn’t taste that great. While the gravy was thick, it lacked aroma and spices. The cockles were not juicy, they tasted slightly rubbery. Becky got herself a packet of pandan rice from the market. Inside the pack was a scoop of fragrant pandan rice, fried dried shrimp & ikan bilis and shredded egg omelette. The rice was creamy and almost good on its own. Fried till fragrant, the dried shrimp was crispy and spicy with a hint of sweetness. Very appetizing! And she only paid RM1.20 for her yummy breakfast…gah!!Although it looked plain, the butter cake was wonderfully rich and smooth with a lovely golden brown crust. This cake was tasty on its own, but it goes best with hot coffee. The coffee marble cake and chocolate cake were quite good, but the butter cake was still the best. I found the marbled version less buttery but the chocolate version was very moist and rich. Despite the mediocre noodles, the cakes were yummy and the company was great. Thanks guys!

Ambiance: 3/10
Price: 7/10

Curry Noodles: 4/10 Pork Noodles: 5/10 Cake: 7.5/10
Verdict: I’m definitely coming back for the cakes! But not so much for the noodles…

*Restoran Lucky is located opposite the BHP station near the OUG market

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