Home Food Reviews New Cappuccino Truffle @ Häagen-Dazs, 1 Utama

Sabina from Pat-Lin Communications invited my mum and I to try the new Cappuccino Truffle from Häagen-Dazs, 1 Utama last Saturday in conjunction with Mother’s Day. Häagen-Dazs recently celebrated its 15th Anniversary, and the Cappuccino Truffle is a new flavour introduced as a kick-off celebration. We were free to select any of the seven tantalising creations (woot!), and on top of that, we enjoyed a free flow of ice cream, coffee and tea. Double Woot!! Mum went for the Cassata Tiramisu, which was Tiramisu ice-cream cake served with a scoop of Cappucino Truffle and Classic Vanilla, and luscious black cherries.She exchanged the Classic Vanilla with her favourite Green Tea. Mum had a few spoonfuls of her dessert, and I greedily polished the rest. While my mum enjoyed the ice cream, she is also very health conscious and tries not to eat too much sugary snacks. o_0 I had the Venetian Interlude. The rich, chocolaty brownie came topped with a generous serve of Cookies & Cream and a scoop of Cappuccino Truffle. The Cappuccino Truffle was a delicious combination of creamy coffee ice cream and decadent chocolate truffles. I enjoyed every spoonful of this! Cookies & Cream has always been my favourite, so this brownie ice cream combo was heaven on a plate! It was nice meeting Wei Zhi from KampungboyCitygal, and my mum and her got along very well. Me getting a free cake from the lucky draw was the perfect end to a lovely afternoon! Thanks Sabina and Regina, for the invite!

l-r: Regina, mum, myself, Sabina & Wei Zhi

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