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December 22, 2008

Devi’s Corner, Bangsar (My last visit)

Recently I wrote about good banana leaf rice at Devi’s Corner. I took Jeen there for dinner just now, as she has yet to try their banana leaf rice. rif joined us later and we all had the banana leaf rice (RM6) each. Jeen had a teh tarik (RM2) while I had a coke (RM2.50). rif had a glass of plain water (RM0.50).

Tonight, there were not enough side dishes, so they gave very, very scarcely (not worth the RM6 price tag). To make matters worst, they ran out of curry (it was only 7.45pm), which I thought was bad as they should always have enough food for their customers.

rif and I had a piece of fried chicken each. When we paid the bill, we found out that they charged us RM5.50 per piece of chicken.

I thought that was completely unjust and it was “daylight robbery”. The silly old lady who manned the 1st floor argued that it’s the standard price and they have been charging RM5.50 per piece since they started.

This was UTTER BULLSHIT as I was there two days ago (Saturday) for lunch with my brother, and the chicken was RM4 per piece (they increased it from RM3.50 from my first visit to RM4). During my past 6 VISITS, I only paid RM4 per piece. The old hag said this, “You take chicken, you sit air-con place, you must pay RM5.50. It’s the policy”.

WTF?? I was really pissed, as the menu board stated that Banana Leaf Rice cost RM5.50, and they charge me RM6 which I didn’t complain. But to charge me RM5.50 for chicken, that was too much!And they actually argued with me and claimed that this was the price all along. This is my last visit to Devi’s Corner, I don’t care if Nirvana serves slightly over-fried chicken, I’d rather put my money there than to eat in Devi’s again! Blardy id*ots!


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  1. 550ml jar of faith

    Yeah, don’t let them get away with it more than once! Let’s see how long they can keep those ridiculous prices up without driving all their customers away!

  2. SimpleGirl

    that’s too much! too bad, esp during the economy donwturn, people want to more value for money food when dining out!

  3. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    nirvana charges rm5..but gives a shit loads of side dishes..

    but yeah the overfried chicken is CRAP..and the sotong n mutton aint cheap too..

    cant say anything abt devi’s, but sounds very crap too

  4. Bangsar-bAbE

    550ml – Ya…I was so angry! Can’t believe they had the cheek to tell me it’s the policy. Grrrr…

    SimpleGirl – I won’t go there anymore. Simply charge ppl as they like!

    joe – Nirvana is cheaper…by RM3-4. Their drinks are also cheaper, plus they never run out of food.

    Devi’s started off well, now it’s just utter crap!

  5. PureGlutton

    Arhhh… how can an indian restaurant RUN OUT of curry?? That's really ridiculous & unforgivable! They must have gotten very arrogant with that kinda attitude -I would also boycott places like that. You did the right thing, hehe!

  6. Bangsar-bAbE

    I have no idea how they can be short of curry. And yes, they are very arrogant. Strange thing is, they are no where as popular as Nirvana when it comes to banana leaf rice. Don’t know why they act so cocky. A few other people also complained about the terrible service and their dishonesty.

  7. magmag

    2 weeks ago I tried cheese naan there and when they served they asked what curry i wanted, replied them I wanted fish curry and they came back with dahl. And there’s no cheese as i tore open my naan. That was the worst naan I had to pay RM4.80. Stevens corner’s cheese naan is still the best and it’s only rm3.50

  8. Bangsar-bAbE

    magmag – That’s terrible! Might as well order a plain naan for RM1.50, and bring your own cheese to stuff inside!! I can’t believe they get away with conning their customers! o_0

  9. magmag

    Yup that’s my last visit.
    Btw, i love your food blogs. keep writing more! 😀

  10. Bangsar-bAbE

    Thanks for your support! Will try my best!! =)

  11. Resh

    You know what I think… they feel like since they were one of the first in Bangsar to offer indian/mamak food they can do as they like… in UK also the ydon't do like this man. Iddiots and scumbag is the nicest and most suitable term to call them.

  12. Timothy Chew

    Thats why i was wondering, sooo expensive. I ate there one time with a group of friends. Nirvana Opposite Bangsar Village 2 is way much better and more worth it

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