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I’ve been hankering for a huge breakfast and knowing how greedy I can get, Lemon Garden was the best option. rif and I managed to wake up at 6.30am two Sundays ago and dragged our lazy asses to Shangri-la KL.I found the breakfast selection aplenty and started off with some sausages, gammon ham and grilled tomatoes with a glass of tomato juice.I was slightly disappointed with the sausages. Very average, nothing like the jumbo cheese and pepper sausages at The Gardens. The poached eggs with spinach was lovely. Slightly runny with cheese and soft spinach, I rather enjoyed it. The tomato juice had salt in it; I like it better sans salt.

Juice Counter

rif made me a bowl of curry laksa from the Chinese section. The thick broth was loaded with coconut milk, it was really “lemak”. The noodles came with prawns, chicken char siew, fishballs, meatballs and some bok choy. You can select the condiments of your choice at the counter. Decent, but nothing special.They serve coffee or tea with breakfast. I had the coffee, which I found out from the waiter was Suzuki Coffee. Freshly ground, the coffee, while fragrant lacked the “kick” the Dark Sumatra blend had. Nonetheless, it was still a decent cup of coffee. I spotted someone having some roast duck on my way to the omelette section. Not certain if it was included in the buffet or ala carte, I tried my luck at the Chinese counter. The chef quickly carved the roast duck hanging by the counter and gave me a hearty portion. *skips away happily*Tastewise, it was nothing to shout about. The meat was cold and bordering tough, probably because the duck has been hanging there all morning.The local selection was quite good. I really enjoyed the nasi lemak with sambal sotong. The rice was fragrant and creamy. The sotong was nice and tender while the sambal was slightly on the sweet side. The light and flaky puri went very well with the dal.The sake (raw salmon) was pretty good. Freshly cut, it had a lovely buttery texture. The tuna, white fish and sushi roll on the other hand, were average. I shamelessly helped myself to plenty of smoked salmon, goat cheese and cold cuts. I also grabbed a smoked salmon and cheese bagel just to satisfy my smoked salmon cravings.The salmon had an intense and lovely, smokey flavour. Not bad, but I prefer it sliced thinner. Personal preference. The bagel was delicious. The bun was soft and spongy while the salmon went beautifully with the cream cheese. Yum!

I’m so greedy :)

The buffet selection was vast. It was impossible for one to try everything, unless you’re Takeru Kobayashi or Sonya Thomas. I didn’t have anything from the chocolate fountain – don’t care much for it actually. The buffet breakfast cost RM60++ per head. But with the Shang card, we paid RM69 for 2 pax, inclusive of tax and service charge.

Previous visit here.

Ambiance: 8/10
Price: 7/10
Food: 8/10 (halal)
Verdict: Huge variety of good food to stuff yourself silly. I love the Shang card! :D

Lemon Garden
Shangri-la Hotel Kuala Lumpur
11, Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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