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I love going to Devi’s Corner when I’m hankering for a good thosai or roti telur bawang. They started serving Banana Leaf Rice a few months back but I only got around to trying it 2 weeks ago. Banana Leaf Rice is served on the 1st floor while the ground floor remains as the “mamak”. There were 5 side dishes to go with white rice served on top of a large banana leaf. I found them quite tasty, especially the red one on the left. Not sure what it is though – tomato sambar or tomato curry? The portions were pretty generous, unlike another “famous banana leaf rice place” nearby. There are three types of curry gravy to choose from – dal, chicken and fish curry.The papadam was freshly fried. Crunchy and very nice with curry-drenched rice. I was pleasantly surprised with their complimentary dessert – I think it’s a type of barfi (the yellow piece on the small metal place).Sis and I ordered a piece of fried chicken each (pardon the blur picture). Well-fried, the chicken was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. I liked it better than the often over-fried chicken from the other “famous banana leaf rice place”.

Lunch cost RM 32 for the 4 of us. That’s for 2 Banana Leaf Rice, 2 fried chicken, 3 thosai masala and 3 teh ais. Pretty reasonable don’t you think?

Ambiance: 7/10 (1st Floor)
Price: 7/10

Food: 7/10

Verdict: My new favourite place for Banana Leaf Rice.

Devi’s Corner
(Opposite Bangsar Village II)

Jalan Telawi 5,

Bangsar Baru

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