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Yesterday after work, my colleagues and I went to Port Village Seafood Restaurant in Klang for dinner. Besides Coconut Flower, I’ve never been to any other seafood restaurants in Klang. Simon called and ordered the dishes beforehand. We had the oh chien, “Kam Heong” bamboo lala, deep-fried butter mantis prawn, stir-fried brussel sprouts with salted fish, stir-fried spinach, butter cheese crab and Marmite crab.The Oh Chien was a letdown – the oysters were extremely tiny. The oysters were the SPECS of black bits on the egg. The egg was very average, and there were so many pieces of egg shells in it.The “Kam Heong” Bamboo Lala was pretty good. The clams were big and juicy, almost the size of my fingers and the kam heong gravy was fragrant and spicy with a delicious aroma of curry leaves. The deep fried butter mantis prawn was very moreish. The combination of crispy eggy batter and tender flesh teamed with the thick, slightly sweetish chili dipping sent me to gastronomical heaven. However, it was best eaten hot, as it turned a bit hard once it cooled down. o_0I thought the vegetables were average, probably because I’m not so much of a vegetable fan. Of the two, I liked the salted fish brussel sprouts better. The spinach was too bland for my liking.The butter crabs (1.5kgs), while tasty, seriously lacked gravy. I was quite disappointed as I was looking forward to mopping the luscious, artery clogging gravy with fluffy man tau buns. The gravy was thick and creamy with a spicy undertone. I could hear my conscience telling me, “Transfaaaattt…cholesterol!!” Obviously, I ignored those thoughts and proceeded to scoop up every bit of gravy I could get until the plate was clean. :DWhile the butter cheese crabs were tasty, the Marmite crabs (1.5 kgs) were the highlight of dinner. Sticky caramelized Marmite sauce generously coated the crabs. The crabs were of decent size and quite fresh too. What got me hooked was the gravy – sticky, sweet, salty and finger-licking good! I licked all my crabs clean and if no one were looking, I would have licked the plate too. :P

All in, it was a satisfying dinner. The bill came up to RM 223 for 7 of us (RM 32 per pax) inclusive of Chinese tea and 5% service charge. Slightly more expensive than Coconut Flower, but still quite reasonable.

Ambiance: 6/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 7.5/10 (Pork-free)
Verdict: MARMITE CRABBBBBB…I WANT YOU!!! Crabs were delicious – I think they do it better than Coconut Flower. While their other dishes were not bad, I still prefer Coconut Flower’s (cheaper as well).

LMS A 12800,
Tanjung Harapan,
42000 Pelabuhan Klang,
03 3176 4350

Business hours:

11am to 3pm and 5.30pm to 11pm (Monday to Friday)
11.30am to 11pm (weekends and public holidays)

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