Picture credit: www.magdalena.org

Just had a sundae from McDonald’s at Uptown 5. I can’t stand how inconsistent they can be. Shum and I both ordered the sundae cone and the MANAGER himself served us. He gave us two badly lopsided ice cream and one was really small.

It didn’t reach the 2 1/2 swirl quota; only 2 swirls and an awfully small swirl it was. So small it looked like a limp dick. I’m dead serious. I asked the MANAGER to make a new sundae for me as I won’t tolerate this kind of bullshit.

He did, and it still came out lopsided. Arghhh!! I got back to my desk only to find the cone soggy and chewy….very “masuk angin”. Confirmed with Shum and she too agreed it was chewy….or better said, stale.

I’m not going to bother complaining to McDonald’s anymore as I’ve done so before and still no improvement. In fact, it was the MANAGER that told me he always tries to ensure good service and good quality in his outlet. Good quality my a$$!!

Too bad I love eating McDonald’s…and it sucks because this McDonald’s is nearest to my office. The outlet at Bangsar and Pusat Bandar Damansara are by far the best. Consistent service and accurate sizing. They are lucky I didn’t have my camera with me just now. I would have taken a picture of the awful looking sundae for all to see.

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