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Chinese New Year with Coca-Cola

Chinese New Year with Coca-Cola

Chinese New Year is an occasion I look forward to every year ever since I was a child. That was because I get to collect red packets from my relatives and it was one of that time of the year where I get to be a rascal and not get punished for it too much. […]

Sri Nyonya

“How did you find out about our restaurant?” “Oh, a friend recommended it to me.” I replied simply. “Who is that friend of yours? Do I know her?” “No one you would know, I’m afraid.” I replied again, simply. I wasn’t trying to be rude, but I generally need time and space to enjoy the […]

Nyonya Breeze, Penang

Nyonya people can be patriotic and extremely proud of their heritage, something I discovered when I started dating rif. To him, nothing beats Nyonya Malacca food, a trait I noticed in even some Penang and Singapore Nyonya. #nyonyapride We had dinner at Nyonya Breeze in Penang, a place recommended by my father in-law’s friend, a […]

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