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Restoran Sungai Lembing Baru, Kuantan

by Bangsar Babe

Restoran Sungai Lembing Baru in Kuantan was recommended to me by a local – who claims the yong tau fu is from Sungai Lembing itself and noodles are delicious. Jien and I used to frequent the yong tau fu stall in Sungai Lembing market but with two little girls in tow, it’s harder for us to make that long drive from Kuantan city centre.

Fuss-free set up at Restoran Sungai Lembing Baru in Kuantan

They go by Restaurant Lembing K&L in short

I thought we arrived relatively early at Restoran Sungai Lembing Baru (10am on a non-holiday weekday) but already, they ran out of curry gravy and noodles. Fortunately, we managed to score two bowls of duck egg curry noodles and the remnants of curry from the bottom of the pot. Based on that, I reckon getting there before 9am is best.


Pricing is displayed clearly on the wall


Clearly, brinjal yong tau fu is our favourite.


Duck egg noodles in curry gravy


Duck egg noodles, dry-style

This restaurant serves delicious handmade noodles – made using duck egg (mee telur itik), chicken egg (mee telur) or flour (mee biasa). The duck egg noodles are worth checking out; springy with a rich, egg flavour. It goes well with both curry gravy and on its own (dry style).


Things one should order at Restoran Sungai Lembing Baru, in my opinion.


Freshly cooked noodles

Service is prompt but not every staff member is friendly. Fortunately, the lady boss attended to us and very kindly allowed me to take some photos of the cooking station. She also shared that they are planning to relocate to a new location some time this year, so you’ll have to call them to find out if they’ve done so or not.


Yong tau fu, stuffed and deep fried on the spot.


Fried fuchuk and tofu

Yong tau fu is filled and cooked on the spot, so customers can be sure to enjoy them fresh from the fryer. We ordered a variety to go with our noodles – brinjal, dumpling, ladies finger, taupok, white tofu and fried tofu. Pricing is reasonable as each yong tau fu is priced at RM1. Noodles start from RM1 for half a bundle (mee biasa) to RM4.80 (for double bundle mee itik).


Ladies fingers and green chili


Dumplings and fish ball for the kids

Overall, our dining experience at Restoran Sungai Lembing Baru was relatively pleasant. Jien and I still prefer the yong tau fu from Sungai Lembing morning market a bit more though the noodles there aren’t great. For convenience and comfort, this will be our go-to spot for breakfast moving forward.

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Ambiance: 5.5/10
Price: 7/10
Food: 6/10 (non-halal)
Verdict: The duck egg noodles (mee telur itik) is a must-try. And don’t forget to load up on freshly made yong tau fu.


Restoran Sungai Lembing Baru 新林明茶餐室
4884, Lorong Seri Kuantan 26,
Taman Plaza,
25250 Kuantan.
Tel: 017-907 6916
Business hours: 7am till 2pm
(closed Wednesday)

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